IRL Twitch Streamer Robbed at Gunpoint


  • Twitch content creators are increasingly at risk of dangerous encounters while IRL streaming, as seen with Capp’s recent gunpoint robbery and other incidents like Jinnytty’s pickpocketing and Ice Poseidon’s face attacks.
  • IRL streaming’s popularity grew during the pandemic, but streamers in public are vulnerable targets due to distractions and constant updates on their location.
  • Capp’s robber demanded a heavy silver chain, and a ransom note was later posted on Instagram, requesting $100,000 in exchange for the jewelry.

Twitch content creator Capp was robbed at gunpoint while IRL streaming with friends. This is just the latest in a growing list of potentially dangerous encounters streamers have experienced while creating content for viewers. Recently, Twitch streamer Jinnytty was pickpocketed live on stream, and in the first week of October, Kick personality Ice Poseidon had unpleasant substances tossed in his face by stream snipers on two different occasions.

The popularity of IRL streaming has been steadily growing, getting a huge boost during pandemic lockdowns because it was one of the only ways for people to get outside, so to speak. Unfortunately, streamers in public pose a particularly tantalizing target for some wrongdoers, because they are often distracted when interacting with viewers or by lugging equipment around with them. The fact that they are live streaming also gives people a minute-by-minute update on their exact location.

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On October 7, Twitch streamer Capp was hanging out in Toronto, Canada, with a few other content creators including AnnoyingTV. The group was live streaming from a vehicle with the doors open when a man dressed in all gray suddenly appeared onscreen wielding something that appears to be a gun. The robber says something along the lines of, “Give me everything.” Capp visibly recoils before the screen goes black, though what sounds like a very brief struggle is still audible. With the image dark, voices can be heard saying, “Drive, drive, drive. Close it, close it, close it.”

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Shortly afterward, Capp made a few posts on Twitter addressing the incident, with the first stating that there were in fact three guns. He also assured people that he was okay, though the Twitch streamer stated that the robbery was a “prime example why I always move alone.” It later came out that the robber or robbers had gotten away with a heavy silver chain that Capp had been wearing.

It’s unclear how much the chain was worth, but the robber soon posted a ransom note on Instagram, demanding $100,000 in exchange for the jewelry. The person later posted an image of stacks of cash, claiming that they were “paid 100 plus to get thy lick bck.” It’s unconfirmed if Capp or AnnoyingTV actually paid to recover the stolen chain, but it’s possible that the identity of the robber could be uncovered via their Instagram account. There have been no further updates at the time of writing.

Robbery, pickpocketing, and direct attacks seem to be a growing danger that IRL streamers need to be aware of and prepared for. But even content creators who remain indoors have to be wary, as swatting continues to be a threat for some streamers, particularly those who have large followings or attract too much attention, be it negative or positive.

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