Latest Update for XDefiant is Bad News for Fans


  • Ubisoft’s upcoming shooter XDefiant has been indefinitely delayed due to issues discovered during testing, disappointing fans who were eagerly awaiting its release.
  • XDefiant has garnered positive feedback from beta sessions and has been compared to Ubisoft-centric classic Call of Duty, but its delays and issues continue to hinder its progress.
  • The development team has acknowledged the inconsistencies found in the recent Public Test Server session and is committed to addressing them before the game’s launch, thanking fans for their support and feedback in the process.

Ubisoft announces an indefinite delay to its upcoming shooter XDefiant due to issues discovered following its latest round of testing. It’s been a longer than expected road for the free to play shooter, which was originally targeting a Summer 2023 launch, but has continued to slip beyond that window. The game has seen plenty of momentum and positivity through the fanbase who has been able to go hands on with the title multiple times through beta sessions, with many likening it to a Ubisoft-centric classic Call Of Duty arena shooter.

With former Call of Duty developer Mark Rubin acting as XDefiant‘s director and executive producer, the comparison is certainly an apt one, though he’s leaving behind gaming legends like Captain Price and instead pulling together some of Ubisoft’s biggest Tom Clancy franchises to mash them together in a fast-paced online shooter. Even with plenty of excitement around the upcoming game, XDefiant has been seeing more than a few delays and issues, which has further complicated things as Activision prepares to launch its own shooter in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Unfortunately for fans, the latest XDefiant update is likely going to lead to further disappointment.

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From the official XDefiant account on X, the development team confirmed that the latest session on the Public Test Server has revealed some inconsistencies in the overall experience that need to be addressed before the game is launched. Although no details were given on what exactly was found, the message goes on to indicate that XDefiant is getting an indefinite delay and that updates will be given once the game is closer to launch. The note closes by thanking fans for their continued support and feedback, which has gone a long way to further help the team tweak and improve the overall experience.

The previously mentioned Mark Rubin also elaborated on the news, first thanking those who were able to help test XDefiant and provided valuable feedback. After digging through the data, Rubin admitted that the team found a few things that will require extra time to fix in order to be ready for a global launch. One example he gave was that some testers had felt the movement and sliding felt off even though nothing had changed. After digging a bit deeper, developers discovered frame spikes interrupting the sliding mechanic, something the team would likely never have found if it wasn’t for fan feedback.

After originally missing the late summer release window, most fans seem to be in agreement that pushing the game back further is likely the best course of action, not even just to provide additional improvements. Prior to this delay announcement, a rumor had started circulating that XDefiant‘s new release date would it launch alongside Season 6 of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and its planned seasonal style events like The Haunting. However, even beyond that, Modern Warfare 3 launches a few weeks later, complicating the launch window for another competitive arena shooter even more.

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XDefiant is coming soon to PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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