Leaker Has Bad News for Those Looking Forward to the Last of Us Multiplayer Game


  • A well-known leaker sadly confirms the cancellation of The Last of Us multiplayer game, dashing fans’ hopes for a tie-in.
  • The first game had a popular multiplayer mode called Factions MP, creating high expectations for a multiplayer mode in the sequel.
  • ViewerAnon, who has a reliable track record, also leaked news about The Last of Us Part 3 development and voice cast changes.

A reliable leaker, famous for breaking other big stories involving The Last of Us franchise, has put the final nail in the coffin for fans looking forward to a multiplayer tie-in for the series. Fans have been waiting for news about a multiplayer game set inThe Last of Us universe ever since Part 2 was released in 2020, and with all the rumors swirling around about the game’s eventual fate, things are not looking good for the fanbase.

Multiplayer modes are not a new concept when it comes to The Last of Us. The first game had a multiplayer mode called Factions MP that allowed players to bring the strategic and intense gameplay from the campaign to an online setting decades after the outbreak. When the sequel was released, fans expected a multiplayer mode, but instead, Naughty Dog promised that a separate multiplayer-based game or add-on would come out at a later date. The Last of Us Part 2 sets up a multiplayer game in its story by introducing the player to all the possible factions that could show up. There’s the Washington Liberation Front (WLF), the antagonist group that runs Seattle; The Seraphites, a religious cult that worships a deceased prophet; The Rattlers, an intimidating biker gang; and of course, the Fireflies, a militant group best known for their important role in the first game.

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ViewerAnon, a well-known and reliable leaker, broke the bad news about a new Last of Us multiplayer game to Twitter user MHM. In the post, MHM was responding to the news that Anders Howard, the Principal Monetization Designer, left the company after 11 months, saying that the fans should accept that the multiplayer game is likely canceled, and if it were to come out, then that would be a pleasant surprise. ViewerAnon ended all hope with his Star Trek-related response: “It’s dead, Jim.”

ViewerAnon is the same leaker who revealed thatThe Last of Us Part 3 was in development in December of last year and that the voice actress for Ellie, Ashley Johnson, would be playing Anna in the HBO adaptation. There have been many rumors about this franchise lately, including a potential remaster for The Last of Us Part 2 for the PS5.

Even if the multiplayer game never sees the light of day, at least fans can follow all of The Last of Us Part 3 rumors while they wait for its eventual release. Also, it’s always possible that Part 3 will have a multiplayer mode of its own.

The Last of Us multiplayer game is in development.

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