Lies of P Developer Confirms DLC is in Development


  • Neowiz has confirmed that it is developing DLC for Lies of P, which has gained positive reviews and become a sleeper hit.
  • DLC in Soulsborne games typically adds new worlds, dungeons, and challenging bosses, and fans are excited to see how Lies of P will expand its story and gameplay.
  • The unique twist on the Pinocchio fairy tale in Lies of P has made it stand out, and fans speculate that the DLC could tie the base game and post credits scene together while hinting at a potential sequel.

A new listing on Neowiz’s website confirms that the recently released Lies of P is getting DLC, with development on it having started. The Pinocchio-inspired soulslike game launched this past September, and has become a bit of a sleeper hit in a year full of highly anticipated and well-received games. Lies of P‘s mostly positive impressions have made it a standout game for the indie studio, where gamers have praised it as a title that can stand alongside FromSoftware’s other titles. Lies of P‘s positive qualities seem to be continuing onwards, as Neowiz has confirmed it has begun production on its DLC.

DLC in Soulsborne games have helped elevate or enrich an already tough-as-nails experience by adding a new world to explore, along with dungeons and bosses to conquer that are sometimes harder than the ones found in the base game. Lies of P had teased gamers with a continuation in its post-credits scene, which gave hints of where the game could go after the main story. With the game’s current success, it’s likely not surprising to see that Neowiz has started production on DLC for the fairy tale-inspired soulslike.

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This was confirmed on the publisher’s website which lists a number of open positions at the company. One of these positions includes a DLC Content Planner for Lies of P, which details some of the position’s responsibilities and a summary of the game, which includes its aim of making a twisted version of the Pinocchio fairy tale. The position also states how DLC is planned for production, so these positions indicate that the DLC is still in very early development. Other critical positions include a Quest planner and scenario writer.

Many fans were very excited to hear the game would be getting DLC, some referring to Lies of P‘s aforementioned post credits scene as a possible direction as to where it could go, where it mentions “Dorothy,” likely referring to another classic fairy tale, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Others hoped that the DLC didn’t follow up on that plot thread, as its premise is big enough to be saved for a proper sequel to Lies of P. Another subset of fans believed that the DLC could help tie the base game and post credits scene together and give hints on the direction of a sequel.

Lies of P is becoming an acclaimed fantasy adventure, with its unique take on the classic fairy tale making it stand out. This includes the classic puppet imagery being twisted into disturbing robots and utilizing unique mechanics that are based on its source material. Neowiz and co-developer Round8 have a lot to pull from for inspiration regarding DLC, so it will be interesting to see what direction the DLC will go in.

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Lies of P is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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