Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 May Be Missing Important Feature at Launch


  • Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is set to release soon and is expected to be bigger than previous entries, with faster travel time, smoother animations, and a larger map size.
  • However, there is concern among fans that the game may not include a New Game Plus mode at launch, despite the popularity of the feature in many other games.
  • It is possible that the day one patch could include the addition of New Game Plus, or perhaps it will be added post-launch. Fans will have to wait for an official announcement from Insomniac regarding this feature, as right now, it is only rumored that it will be missing upon release.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 may be missing the New Game Plus mode on launch. As its October 20, 2023, release date draws near, fans are already awaiting the next entry in the series as Spider-Man 2‘s hype continues to grow. While some players have already expressed concern about the reported time it takes to achieve Marvel’s Spider-Man 2‘s Platinum Trophy, the game is said to be bigger and more expansive than the previous entries.

As it is, the upcoming title boasts several improvements over the original. Many fans have noted how Spider-Man 2‘s travel time seems much faster this time around. Animations are said to be smoother as well. Not to mention, the map size has doubled from the previous game. Even with so many new things to experience in the sequel, it is likely that there will also be many Easter eggs hidden throughout to make fans of the IP and the character happy. Still, one feature in the old game might not be available at launch, and fans have expressed concern.

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According to a tweet by ChrisGaming95, New Game Plus might not be available on day one. ChrisGaming95 was able to finish Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 via an early copy and even achieve the Platinum Trophy quickly. However, there was no option for New Game Plus upon doing the task. ChrisGaming95 also mentioned that they were able to finish the game in around 30 hours. While it is far from a completely hype-killing discovery, many games nowadays include the option, as many fans like experiencing their games a second time with their accomplishments and character builds intact.

With tons of new experiences and improvements offered in Spider-Man 2, it doesn’t make much sense for it not to have a New Game Plus option. And while there is a possibility Insomniac can still add this feature post-launch, as games like God of War Ragnarok have done, the perceived shortness of the game has players worried that a second run-through might not be worth it if they can’t keep the skills and unlocks they’ve earned. Still, ChrisGaming95’s experience may be different from most, and the game might offer more longevity than originally implied. Additionally, there is a chance that the day one patch adds new game plus.

Insomniac has neither confirmed nor denied if New Game Plus will arrive in the game, so fans will have to wait for the team’s official announcement. Either way, since the game serves as a sequel to both Marvel’s Spider-Man 1 and Spider-Man: Miles Morales, those who feel the need to satisfy their web-swinging urges once they finish Spider-Man 2 can revisit the older games to compare and recap the story.

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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 releases October 20 on the PS5.

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