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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Reveals Two New Suits for the Game


Two new suits will be making their way to Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. It was previously reported that 65 outfits will be selectable in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. While no detailed revelations were made during the prior announcement, fans have been quick to come up with their own theories on which suits will make the game. Additionally, it was also mentioned that the suits will offer alternate color options which would possibly allow players to select from over 200 overall.

At the least, Spider-Man’s iconic black symbiote suit will definitely be present, as it plays an important role in the story. Digital Deluxe Edition outfits were also revealed previously, which gave fans more ideas on what to expect. The ten skins revealed looked to be original ones as they don’t seem to exist in the Spider-verse at the moment. The most interesting ones were the Tokusatsu suit for Miles, which seemed to be Power Rangers-inspired, as well as the Apunkalyptic suit for Peter, which has reminded some players somewhat of the Spider-Punk character. However, two new original suits have also been announced as part of the game.

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According to PlayStation’s tweet, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will be introducing the Brooklyn 2099 suit and the Kumo suit. While not explicitly stated, by the photos, it looks like the Brooklyn 2099 will be for Peter, while the Kumo one will be for Miles. It’s an interesting point to see that Insomniac seems to be focusing on beefing up the original content for the game by making unique and never-before-seen outfits for the characters. This would also help the game differentiate itself from any of the Spider-Verse properties should there be a cause of conflict in the future.

Getting close to the release date, it was announced that famed artist and fashion designer Colm “KidSuper” Dillane would be working on more post-launch costumes for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. KidSuper will be joined by Rina Sawayama, Lando Norris, and Vinicius Junior, in what was implied to be original designs moving forward. This is truly an interesting development because originality will also help build more lore for the Game Universe.

As Marvel Spider-Man 2‘s release date draws near, the hype continues to grow. Many fans excitedly await what content there is to unlock within the game. Once it hits shelves on October 20, gamers expect to finally find out what costumes have made it into the game, which ones are new, and which ones are locked. Granted, it will be a very interesting day to not only discover what Peter and Miles can wear in-game but also for fans who want to experience Spider-Man 2 in various fashions.

Spider-Man 2 launches October 20, exclusively for PlayStation 5.

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