Marvel’s Spider-Man Player Notices Interesting Change in Remastered Version


  • Marvel’s Spider-Man’s Remastered version includes subtle differences, leading players to discover minor Easter eggs and small changes during their playthroughs.
  • A photo posted on Reddit shows a spider with a visible number “42” on its backside in the original game but not in the Remastered version, with the spider looking less unique and more realistic.
  • This led to speculation about legal rights or an oversight, and igniting a discussion on the Spider-Verse and multiverse possibilities.

A Marvel’s Spider-Man player finds a subtle difference while playing the Remastered version. While Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is on the horizon, some fans have been preparing for the sequel by playing the previous Spider-Man games. The original entry in the series first came out on PS4 in 2018, and it received a remaster in 2022. While the game has mostly retained the majority of its assets, some items were altered, such as the Peter Parker model. However, many players still continue to discover minor Easter eggs and small changes during their playthroughs of the PlayStation exclusive.

While changes and differences are a common find between the Remastered and the original version, some replays have led to the discovery of previously unknown mechanics and details. One minor discovery was the existence of Marvel’s Spider-Man‘s combo counter limit. These findings aren’t much of a big deal, but they do pose questions as to what secrets players can still finuncoverd. One eagle-eyed player found a minor cutscene change that has led to a deeper discussion.

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Marvel’s Spider-Man player SolitarySquall posted a photo on Reddit of a spider which is different from the Remastered versus the original game. The original release had a very visible number “42” on its backside, while the PS5 Remastered did not have it. While most have argued that it was just a graphical change meant to offer higher quality visuals, some have come up with guesses of their own. Commenter ColonelKillDie theorized that the issue might lie with legal rights stemming from the overall Spider-Verse. Some explained that it could have probably just been an oversight, as the two spiders also differ in color. Whatever the correct explanation is, fans have been deep in discussion regarding whether it could be a possible error or if it was intentional.

As it is, Marvel’s Spider-Man stands in a completely different universe from other properties. The idea from the comments that this change was made to avoid confusion with other Spider-Man properties does have some merit because this version of Spider-Man did appear in the Spider-Verse movies, where a spider with a prominent 42 is seen. Perhaps there are subtle differences between the game version and the game universe’s version. The reason for this change is something that only Marvel and Insomniac Games can truly answer.

While there was uproar when a different Peter Parker model was used in the remaster of Marvel’s Spider-Man., this spider change is unlikely to cause a similar controversy. Still, it is interesting nonetheless, as the original spider seemed fine as is.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is available on PC, PS4, and PS5.

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