Minecraft Fan Makes Funny Observation About The Game’s New Crafter


  • Reddit user Capitan_Teemo30 noticed that Minecraft’s new block crafter resembles a blocky man with a mustache, creating a funny and memorable detail.
  • Minecraft’s upcoming major update, currently known as “update 1.21,” will feature the crafter, a powerful crafting station that may revolutionize Minecraft farms, along with other new blocks and the armadillo mob.
  • Minecraft’s latest update, Trails and Tales, introduces the sniffer, cherry blossom biome, camel, and an archaeology system, adding exciting new content to the game.

A Minecraft player has made an amusing observation about the game’s new crafter. Minecraft remains a very popular game even years after its release. One of the reasons for Minecraft‘s success is the release of named updates with exciting content.

This year it was Minecraft‘s turn to release the Trails and Tales update. With creativity as its central theme, the Minecraft update focuses mostly on decorative blocks, options for customization, and roleplay. Among the other contents of Trails and Tales is the debut of the sniffer in Minecraft, after becoming the Mob Vote 2022 champion. Minecraft also added the cherry blossom biome, bringing the iconic Asian tree to the game. The sniffer wasn’t the only mob introduced by Trails and Tales, which introduced the camel, along with an archaeology system where the player finds items representing historical artifacts.

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Reddit user Capitan_Teemo30 noticed that the new block crafter resembles a blocky man with a mustache. The player said they noticed this funny detail while talking with some friends, and decided to draw how they saw the block. The result is a blocky man with a gray mustache, reminiscent of a cartoon sage and very hard to unsee. The crafter is part of the next big update announced at the Minecraft Live 2023 event, where Mojang revealed what’s next for Minecraft games.

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One of the highlights of this year’s event was the announcement of Minecraft‘s next major update. Currently known as “update 1.21,” it will add three blocks, one of which is the crafter. This new block is a crafting station powered by redstone that can easily make items and blocks. The other block is the copper bulb, a light source from copper trim. The trial spawner closes the list and is a new type of enemy spawner that gives loot when players kill certain enemies. As well as new blocks, update 1.21 will see the debut of the armadillo, the winner of Minecraft‘s Mob Vote 2023.

The reveal of the crafter was one of the announcements that most excited Minecraft players due to its potential impact on the game. Previously only available through mods, some players think the arrival of the crafter will revolutionize the way Minecraft farms work in terms of production and efficiency. Those who want to familiarize themselves with Minecraft‘s new block can do so now, as the crafter is available via snapshot 23w42a. Update 1.21 has no release date, but since Minecraft released the Trails and Tales update this year, players will most likely see the new content only in 2024.

Minecraft is available on Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One, and legacy platforms.

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