Minecraft Player Builds Incredible Flying Island


  • Minecraft players continue to showcase their creativity by building impressive structures, like a flying island, using the game’s vast selection of blocks and items.
  • MrLuiz__ recently shared their mega project, a detailed flying island with intricate structures, on Reddit, gaining praise from the Minecraft community.
  • The creative potential in Minecraft seems limitless, with players constantly creating new builds, and with Mojang’s ongoing support through updates, the community can look forward to more inspiring content.

One Minecraft player has showcased their building skills by creating an impressive flying island in the game. While players often highlight their creative prowess through eye-catching builds, this one stands out due to its size, including several intricate structures, and has caught the attention of the Minecraft community.

It seems like the creative potential in Minecraft will never run out as players continue to make new and varied designs by utilizing the impressive selection of blocks and items available in the game. In addition, Mojang continues to support the game with new content like the Trails and Tales Update, which was released in June. Players often rely on this smorgasbord of options to make some stunning builds, and that creativity was recently on full display for the community to witness due to the efforts of one gamer.

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Known as MrLuiz__, this Minecraft builder took to Reddit to showcase the recent mega project they had completed. Described as a “flying island” by the creator, the build featured a mountainous piece of land that appeared to be hovering in the sky. However, the creation was much more than a simple island. The user included several detailed structures, making the created world look inhabited. Specifically, the upper right corner of the island featured a large castle, while the lower region was filled with what appeared to be several multilevel houses. The smaller buildings were nestled among large conifer trees, and waterfalls worked their way through the terrain to the island’s edge, pouring off into the void below the creation.

Since sharing the post on Reddit, the Minecraft community has highlighted many aspects of the gigantic build in the comments section. Common praise went to the clusters of rocks below the main island, giving the feeling as though the island was floating in the air. With already over a thousand upvotes, users complimented MrLuiz__ on their design, with some asking how long it took to make. Fortunately, the creator provided an estimate, guessing that it was around two and a half to three weeks. In addition, some players felt the design was reminiscent of the iconic Temple map from the Super Smash Bros. series.

This latest creation by MrLuiz__ adds to the nearly unending list of builds made within the game. Beyond this flying island, other gamers have been hard at work making things like a castle inspired by the Warden and a detailed beach house, just to name a few. In addition, one player even recreated the Earth in Minecraft. With Mojang teasing more news for the game at Minecraft Live on October 15, the community will likely continue to be inspired over the coming weeks.

Minecraft is available now on PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One, and mobile devices.

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