Minecraft Player Builds Incredibly Tall Tower


  • Minecraft’s tremendous scope allows players to spend years building their own utopia, making solo projects all the more impressive.
  • TheFunkuchen’s elaborate tower in Minecraft, inspired by cubfan135’s Pyramid, stands at an impressive height of a thousand blocks.
  • The tower is built on a square platform filled with hedge mazes, walkways, and a sprawling garden, emphasizing the creative possibilities in Minecraft building.

Minecraft is considered to be a virtual sandbox where the only constraint is time, as one player managed to push the boundaries of the game to construct their majestic tower. Ambitious Minecraft builds have always been a part of its history, as many fans have attempted to recreate other fictional universes within the graphical restrictions of Minecraft‘s charming voxel art style. From Star Wars and Harry Potter, to Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones, entire teams and communities have sprung up in the attempt to adapt these beloved IPs, which is what makes solo projects all the more impressive.

A big advantage that Minecraft has over other games in its genre is the tremendous scope it enables, and often enough as a result, players spend several years building their Minecraft utopia. While Mojang’s flagship title still has the survival mechanics it was founded on, most of its community sees building as the primary pillar of Minecraft‘s gameplay. Whether obtained through great effort in Survival Mode, or added to their inventory in Creative Mode, the purpose for many players remains the same: to carve out a Minecraft corner of their own.

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For TheFunkuchen, their latest project trades width for height, as they managed to erect an elaborate tower in Minecraft inspired by cubfan135’s Pyramid. The build was positively received on Reddit, where other players couldn’t help but draw visual comparisons between Howl’s Moving Castle and TheFunkuchen’s tower, which stands at an impressive height of a thousand blocks. Using a Minecraft data pack to raise the height limit, this passionate Minecraft player succeeded in realizing their unorthodox concept, but the tower is only one half of what makes it so impressive.

Namely, the tower itself is built on a square platform filled with hedge mazes, walkways, and a sprawling garden that ties the build together. According to the author, the tower is climbed either by stairs or by a bubble elevator, and Minecraft Java players can download the world by following a link provided by TheFunkuchen to see the build up-close.

While players remain ever-eager for new Minecraft updates, it’s important to step back every once in a while and see how much the game grew from its humble roots. The building blocks that Mojang added over the years is ultimately what made this build possible, as it allowed the author’s creativity to faithfully translate their vision into reality. Hopefully, the developers will continue to support Minecraft in the years to come, even if the pace is a bit slower than some of its players would like.

Minecraft is available on Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One, and legacy platforms.

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