Minecraft Player Discovers Fox in Unexpected Place


  • Foxes in Minecraft can be tamed and have unique behaviors, such as picking up items and sleeping in strange places.
  • A Reddit user shared a cute image of their fox sleeping inside a grandfather clock, which has gained over 15,000 likes from the Minecraft community.
  • Taming animals in Minecraft can serve useful purposes, like wolves attacking enemies to make gameplay easier and more enjoyable for players.

A Minecraft player’s fox likes to sleep in a strange place within their home. Mojang’s sandbox title is full of creatures that players can encounter, ranging from chickens and pigs to axolotls. Animals in Minecraft can oftentimes be tamed and serve a secondary purpose when they become friendly with gamers.

One of the animals that players can tame in Minecraft is the fox. These mobs can be found in taigas and snowy areas and will have an appearance that depends on where they are living. Foxes are capable of picking up any item that is near them, though they will pick up food over any other type of items. The creatures can spawn with items in their mouths, including eggs and emeralds.

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A Reddit user named TheOnCcyborg posted an image of their home in Minecraft. Featured in the picture is a grandfather clock with one interesting detail that is not normally a part of the piece of furniture. Inside the clock is a gray fox, curled up and sound asleep. TheOnCcyborg stated that the fox likes to sleep in there for some reason and could not explain why. Regardless, it is rather cute to see the creature snuggled up in the clock with a totem hanging from its mouth.

Redditors seem to like seeing the fox sleep in the clock as they have given TheOnCcyborg’s post over 15,000 likes. Many find the image to be cute and enjoy that the fox is sleeping with a totem in its mouth. One commenter said that, even in Minecraft, animals do weird things for no reason, while another stated that the fox is the cutest thing they have seen and that it deserves everything, including its totem. This helps show how adorable the friendly mobs in Minecraft can be, especially after they have been tamed.

Foxes are just one of the many animals that can be tamed in Minecraft. Other creatures that can be befriended are used for a variety of tasks, such as horses that can be ridden or wolves that will attack hostile mobs who harm the player. This can make the lives of gamers much easier as they play through the title, aiding them in whatever endeavor they are taking part in. Hopefully players will continue to capture their pets in cute positions similar to how TheOnCcyborg found their fox and share it with other fans of Minecraft that can appreciate it.

Minecraft is available now for Mobile, PC, Switch, PS4, and Xbox One.

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