Minecraft Player Discovers Village Hilariously Close to One In-Game Structure


  • A Minecraft player stumbled upon a village located dangerously close to a Pillager Outpost, posing a potential problem for the player and the defenseless villagers.
  • The player is unable to help the villagers directly without triggering a raid on the village, and destroying the outpost alone won’t stop the mob from respawning.
  • Suggestions were made to tear down the outpost and fill the area with transparent blocks to prevent hostile mobs from respawning, but it would require significant effort from the player.

A Minecraft player has discovered a village nested entirely too close to an imposing structure. The discovery is surprising, but also poses a potential problem for the player, should they want to visit the village.

Minecraft Villagers are peaceful mobs which appear all over the world that players can safely approach. Villagers with jobs can trade, which make them very useful to players, whether they need to stock up on an item or are looking to earn emeralds. Villagers have no method of defending themselves directly, so it’s often up to the player to defend them from attacking mobs like zombies or Pillagers. However, that could be difficult to pull off in this particular situation.

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Reddit user stalkerduck_407 shared a screenshot of their discovery of a village in Minecraft that’s set directly next to a Pillager Outpost. They seemed to be amused by the sight, joking about how the situation could go wrong. While it’s easy enough for the player to move on to find another village that’s more viable for them, the Villagers themselves are likely not having a good time. Pillagers attack Villagers if they get too close, and with no evidence of a Golem in the area, the small village could easily be wiped out by attackers.

To make matters worse, this situation would be difficult for the player to resolve. If they were to attack the outpost, they could end up triggering a raid on the Minecraft village below, which would put the Villagers even more at risk. And since outposts allow these hostile mobs to respawn, even if the raid were successfully cleared without anyone getting hurt, they’d only get a small respite in the end.

Other players were amused at the situation, while some helped to devise strategies on how to get rid of the Pillager Outpost. Due to the way the game works, simply destroying the outpost wouldn’t be enough to stop them from spawning. However, it was suggested that if the outpost were torn down and then the area filled with transparent blocks, it should keep the hostile mob from respawning. This would take a fair amount of effort, though, as the player would have to not only fill in where the tower currently stands, but also dig down and fill the area under and around it.

While moments like these in the game are somewhat rare, the randomly generated worlds of Minecraft allow for a variety of weird discoveries in the game. While not quite as bizarre as finding a tiny Minecraft biome, this particular find could cause some players a headache, especially if they’re new to the game.

Minecraft is available now for mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One, and legacy platforms.

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