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Minecraft Player Shows Off Incredible Ice Boat Tunnel They Made in the Nether


A Minecraft player has finished an ice boat tunnel they constructed in the Nether. The Nether was added as a new three-biome region in the Minecraft update of the same name last June.

Known for its simplistic, cuboid art style, calming, minimalist soundtrack, and creative, open-ended approach to its gameplay, Minecraft has been critically acclaimed and gone on to become the highest selling video game of all time. To keep the hype going for the past 12 years, developer Mojang has released multiple spin-offs that change up the genre, and put out countless updates to the main game, some console exclusive and others universal, adding new regions, abilities, minable elements, and enemies for players to make use of and interact with in their crafting journey.

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A recent update adds the Nether to the sprawling overworld map, where players have to navigate darkness, lava, and difficult new enemy types. The region is so notoriously hard to get around that Minecraft players have to build portals just to be able to do so. Reddit user boomboxdanca attempted to remedy this by constructing a “Nether highway,” which they described as taking “way too long to build.” It consists of a long pathway of ice blocks to provide enough friction for movement, framed by blocks of wood complete with some in the middle, mimicking the dashed line on a real-world interstate.

Fellow redditors in the comments appeared to be impressed by this feat, with some even admitting that they’d attempted to build similar tunnels in the past, although they confessed that this one had theirs beat. One asked how boats would be able to stay on this path, to which the creator explained that it was lined with carpet, which also doubles as a means to prevent enemies from spawning onto the track, which they described as the main priority when it came to building the pathway.

Seeing fans express their creativity in Minecraft will never get old. The Nether update is no different, with some truly impressive creations, both within and even outside of Minecraft itself, being completed extremely soon after the update went live. It should be nice to see what other creative inventions players come up with in this daunting region later down the road.

Minecraft is playable on Android, iOS, PC, PlayStation 4, Switch, Xbox One, and legacy platforms.

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