Minecraft Player Spots Unusually Shaped Mountain in the Game


  • Minecraft continues to captivate players with its open world and endless possibilities for creativity, as shown by a gamer’s discovery of a mountain resembling a camel while exploring.
  • The gaming community enjoys Minecraft’s regular updates and new content, such as the recent Trails and Tales update, which provides players with even more building and customization options.
  • Minecraft players have made many other interesting discoveries in the game, including unusual landscapes and surprising locations for creatures and structures, keeping fans excited for what they will find next.

A Minecraft gamer discovered a rather interesting mountain that resembled an animal while traversing their iceway. Since its release in 2011, Minecraft has become one of the best-selling sandbox video games, and players who immerse in its open world regularly are no strangers to the various interesting sights that it has to offer. The gameplay enables everyone to place block after block and build whatever they can imagine, from weapons to castles. Thanks to this freedom, the gaming community gets to see something new and amazing every now and then.

Developer Mojang Studios has made Minecraft into a pretty massive franchise, which also features several books and a finished Minecraft movie script that may be ready for production soon, provided that the Hollywood actor strike ends soon. Moreover, Mojang keeps the game refreshed with new and exciting content updates, such as the recent Trails and Tales update that gave players a myriad of building and customization options. Hence, the Minecraft community is treated to flying islands, intricately designed castles, abandoned churches, and even a replica of the Titanic.

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Apart from creating unbelievable structures, Minecraft builders have also stumbled upon several undiscovered landscapes, such as the unusually shaped cliff a player found. Recently, a Minecraft gamer by the name of r3ddog00 shared an interesting discovery on the Minecraft community on Reddit. The OP has built a well-designed iceway in the game, and while moving alone it, they discovered a rare mountain on an island a few hundred kilometers away. In the picture shared by the Redditor, the mountain appears to be shaped just like a camel, complete with its head and the characteristic hump. From a distance, the mountain looks like a pixelated silhouette of a camel, though some viewers claim the mountain looks like an elephant at first glance.

While members of the Minecraft community discussed among themselves whether the mountain was shaped like a camel or an elephant, a Redditor compared its likeness to Vah Naboris, the Divine Beast from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The post also brought it some hilarious jibes, with commenters calling it a turkey leg sitting on a mountain, Snoopy balancing a cone on his nose, and even a shrimp leg. The post has become quite viral and gained a lot of upvotes and interesting comments about what the mountain looks more like.

The camel-shaped mountain isn’t the only unusual thing to be discovered in the sandbox video game. Recently, a Minecraft player discovered their fox inside a grandfather clock. Similarly, another player discovered a village located really close to the Pillager Outpost, which spells bad news for the villagers. As the game continues to grow and expand, Minecraft players and fans have their sights set on what they will come across next.

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Minecraft is available now for Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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