My Adventures With Superman Producer Has Disappointing News For A Character That Has Yet To Appear


  • My Adventures With Superman season 1 included Easter Eggs and references to other DC superheroes, building anticipation for potential appearances in season 2.
  • Producer Josephine Campbell confirmed that while other characters and references will be present, the focus of the show will remain on Superman, Lois, and Jimmy.
  • This decision may disappoint fans hoping for Superman to interact with other heroes, but it allows the show to maintain its focus and let Superman shine on his own.

My Adventures With Superman was a huge success, and fans want to know what other heroes might appear in the second season. However, they may be disappointed by the recent news from the show’s producer.

My Adventures With Superman season 1 was riddled with Easter Eggs and references to other DC superheroes. Jimmy Olsen mentions some conspiracy theories while on his first case with Lois and Clark. He talks about his belief that merpeople exist, referencing Aquaman. When Vicki Vale was introduced in episode 8, it was revealed that she “broke the Queen Industries inheritance scandal,” referencing Oliver Queen and Green Arrow. Along with the introduction of Vicki Vale, who is from Gotham, and mentions of the Gotham Gazette, fans hope to see Superman and Batman team up in season 2.

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Josephine Campbell, producer of My Adventure With Superman, was interviewed by the Superman Homepage YouTube channel, where she talked about plans for season 2. The interviewer asked Campbell, “Now, as soon as the word or the title, ‘Gotham Gazette,’ got thrown up, fans online jump straight to, ‘Batman, Batman, Batman.’ As a Superman fan, I’ve got nothing against Batman, but as a Superman fan, please tell me we’re going to be concentrating on Superman in Season 2…” Campbell responded, “Oh yeah.”

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Campbell emphasized that although other characters like Vicki Vale will appear and there will be more references to Gotham, the show will still focus on Superman, Lois, and Jimmy. “The whole point of this is, it’s about Superman. It’s about Lois and Jimmy, and the focus is always going to be on them.” Campbell also said she is excited to see the Batman animated series in the works, Batman: Caped Crusader.

This is disappointing news for Batman fans or Justice League fans who want to see Superman interact with other heroes in the universe. However, those fans will have other projects, with Batman: Caped Crusader and Superman: Legacy having multiple other heroes set to appear.

For My Adventures WIth Superman fans or those who are Superman purists, this decision is definitely for the best. It is fun to make these connections to other heroes to make the world feel bigger, but for a show like this, it is good to focus on the main characters and let Superman stand on his own.

My Adventures WIth Superman is available on Max.

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Source: Superman Homepage

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