My Time at Sandrock Releases New Update


  • The Nintendo Switch version of My Time at Sandrock has received a major update with new quests, workshop upgrades, and gameplay features, addressing previous performance issues and bugs.
  • The update brings the Switch version in line with the PC version and contains hotfixes up to December 10, improving resource loading and framerates.
  • More improvements are planned with the upcoming 1.2 update, including new content, optimizations, and NPC interactions for romance options.

The Nintendo Switch version of the farm life simulator My Time at Sandrock has just received a major update that added a lot of new content. This update also addressed many issues that have plagued the handheld port for weeks.

My Time at Sandrock has been met with mostly positive reviews ever since it left early access and was fully released last November. However, the Switch version faced a lot of criticism for its performance issues and software bugs. China-based developer Pathea Games has finally released an update for the Switch port of My Time at Sandrock that not only promises to address many of the title’s issues, but also adds new content.


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Released on January 23, update 1.1.4 for the Switch version of My Time at Sandrock delivered new quests, workshop upgrades, and gameplay features. In addition, the update also featured a long list of bug fixes, as well as several optimizations and quality-of-life improvements. This update will bring My Time at Sandrock on Switch in line with the PC version of the game and contains all hotfixes released up to December 10. A video that compared the original 1.0 Switch release with the patched version showed that the latter has faster resource loading and higher framerates. My Time at Sandrock is considered one of the best farming games with combat, and stable performance is very important for these types of titles.

Many Switch users welcomed the arrival of My Time at Sandrock‘s 1.1.4 update, with some claiming that they can finally return to the game thanks to the enhancements and new content it has received. Pathea Games revealed that more improvements are headed to its farm simulator via the upcoming 1.2 update, which it promised will elevate the Switch experience to new heights. Update 1.2 was released for the PC version of My Time at Sandrock last December just in time for the holidays, bringing in even more new content and optimizations to the game. The update also had new NPC interactions, a welcome addition for players who want to romance any of My Time at Sandrock‘s many bachelors and bachelorettes.

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Pathea Games has not announced when the 1.2 update will hit My Time at Sandrock‘s console versions. Console users who are waiting for the update to drop before returning to My Time at Sandrock can try out other highly rated RPGs with romance options in the meantime.

My Time at Sandrock became a massive hit following its full release, and it even became the top-selling Xbox Series X/S game in the U.S. and U.K. at one point. My Time at Portia, the predecessor to My Time at Sandrock, was also able to win the hearts of many gamers with its charming visuals and cozy vibe.

My Time at Sandrock Nintendo Switch Update 1.1.4 Changelog

New Quests

  • Add new non-romanceable side quests involving some Portia’s old friends and Sandrock’s new friends.
  • Add new romanceable quests for Fang, Logan, Nia, Qi, Grace, Amirah, Owen, Ernest, Catori, Jane, Unsuur, Pablo, Venti, Burgess, and Elsie.
  • Add post-wedding quests; Connect with your partner for more romance and delightful moments.”

Workshop upgrades

  • Add home placement feature, you can locate your Workshop Load to optimize your workshop layout
  • Add Greenhouse and Factory features to enhance production in the workshop.
  • Add wardrobe function, display your beautiful outfits and keep things organized.

Gameplay features

  • Add Northern Starship Hazardous Ruins, challenge your skills and earn valuable resources.
  • Add children feature, birth or adopt up to 2 babies with your beloved NPC in town.
  • Add NPC outfitting, alternative clothing unlocked by the Kickstarter crowdfunding stretch goals.
  • Add NPC DLCs
  • Add post-wedding following features, explore Sandrock together with your love.
  • Add sandpit in the upgraded museum, enhancing the fishing experience.


In Game Experience

  • Adjusted the display size of some assembly items, providing better visual aesthetics for organized objectives.
  • Altered the placement direction of outdoor sofas and chairs, ensuring a more natural and appealing arrangement.
  • Addressed the issue of not being able to ride cable cars while mounted, ensuring seamless transportation.
  • Balanced and adjusted the difficulty of the battle with Haru, offering a more engaging and challenging encounter.
  • Fine-tuned jumping and dismounting mechanics for a smoother and more responsive gameplay experience.
  • Refined the buttons in the credits interface to enhance your interaction experience.
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Quality of Life

  • Expanded the maximum size of workshop rooms from 15×15 to 20×20 for more creative and spacious designs.
  • Extended the flight distance for Throwing Proficiency Level 2, providing increased throwing capabilities.
  • Increased the disengagement distance of NPCs in the following state, offering more fluid and natural interactions.

Customization Options

  • Added more beard options for players who prefer a bearded look and additional face options for a variety of appearances.

NPC Interactions

  • Added more NPC wishes to fulfill, diversifying interaction possibilities.
  • Expanded photo and interaction options with NPCs, providing a richer social experience.
  • Introduced more options for increasing NPC favor, enhancing relationship dynamics.
  • Included more photo options with mounts for capturing memorable moments.
  • Enhanced rewards for museum donations, recognizing and rewarding players for their contributions.

Visual Improvements

  • Adjusted the visibility range of resource points for a more balanced exploration experience.
  • Optimized the gradual appearance and disappearance effects of objects, ensuring smoother transitions.
  • Enhanced the Mahjong mini-game for a more enjoyable gaming experience.
  • Improved how the map displays information, providing clearer navigation.
  • Refined the early encounter with balloon chests by strategically placing rocks in the vicinity, offering a more engaging gameplay experience.
  • Streamlined how items are displayed when required by both missions and assembly stations, improving accessibility.
  • Tweaked the camera for some missions, enhancing the overall player perspective.
  • Optimized the logic for displaying/hiding item descriptions, now recording the status of these actions within a single gameplay session, ensuring a more seamless experience.

Aesthetic Refinement

  • Refined Catori’s height details to align more accurately with expectations

Bug Fixes

  • See full My Time at Sandrock Switch update 1.1.4 patch notes


My Time At Sandrock

My Time at Sandrock is a vibrant desert-themed crafting, farming, and building life sim game. As the newest Builder, you will explore and create a thriving society for the inhabitants of the area. The game was developed by Pathea Games and features similar gameplay to My Time at Portia with this newest outing providing deeper combat, more crafting, and even some mini-games.

Platform(s)PC , PS5 , Switch , Xbox One , Xbox Series X , Xbox Series S Released November 2, 2023 Developer(s) Pathea Games Publisher(s) Pathea Games ESRB E10+ For Everyone 10+ Due To Alcohol Reference, Fantasy Violence, Mild Language, Mild Suggestive Themes, Comic Mischief + See at Official SiteSee at AmazonSee at SteamSee at Xbox Games Store

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