New Hard Souls-Like Can Be Beat in Less than 2 Hours


  • A speedrunner recently beat Lies of P in less than two hours, setting an unofficial world record in the game’s Any% category.
  • Lies of P received critical acclaim for its story, enemy variety, tight controls, and unique crafting system.
  • The speedrunner used various strategies and shortcuts to complete the game quickly, although they considered their run to be outdated and plan to incorporate new skips in future attempts.

Lies of P can be beat in less than two hours, as recently demonstrated by one avid speedrunner. This unofficial world record in the game’s Any% speedrunning category has emerged online mere weeks after Lies of P’s mid-September release.

A lot of exciting Souls-likes hit the market in 2023, and Lies of P was met with universal critical acclaim and fan adoration. Apart from its compelling story revolving around a grimdark retelling of Pinocchio, the game was also praised for its enemy variety, tight controls, and a unique crafting system allowing players to break apart weapons and combine them into entirely new types of armaments.

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And while first-time players will likely need around 40 hours to beat Lies of P, YouTuber Distortion2 has already managed to do so in a fraction of that time. Specifically, this well-known Souls-like speedrunner took just over an hour and 47 minutes to beat Lies of P from start to finish, as evidenced by the full video of the run posted on his YouTube channel.

The player employed a wide array of strategies to skip past large sections of the game and cheese bosses, like spamming throwables and making liberal use of Specters. Much like Elden Ring’s Spirits, Lies of P’s Specters are essentially the game’s easy mode equivalent, as they offer an optional combat advantage during boss fights while still requiring proficiency with the RPG’s many mechanics.

Reflecting on his achievement, Distortion2 described this run as “really bad,” explaining that he only posted it so that the community can see how his speedrunning effort is progressing. Apart from the fact that he lost some valuable time on dying and resurrecting, the YouTuber also noted that the overall strategy he employed was already outdated by the time he shared this video on October 1. Since then, the speedrunning community uncovered three new skips that Distortion2 is planning to incorporate into his future attempts at beating Lies of P as quickly as possible.

Despite the YouTuber’s humble perspective, this impressive run is currently the unofficial world record in Lies of P’s Any% category. The largest online speedrunning community,, will officially open the game’s leaderboards on October 5. The weeks-long gap between Lies of P’s launch and the start of its speedrunning season is a standard practice on the platform, geared toward encouraging players to enjoy each new release before setting their sights on beating it as fast as possible.

Lies of P is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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