New Look At Jason Momoa’s Aquaman 2 Suit May Be The Best Yet


  • DC reveals Jason Momoa’s new darker suit for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, possibly a stealth suit for underwater missions.
  • Test screenings indicate fans are unhappy with the direction of the sequel, posing a challenge for the DCEU.
  • Despite potential fan disinterest, DC deserves credit for creating a prequel to build hype and provide more context for the upcoming film.

With Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom coming out towards the end of 2023, fans are looking forward to seeing how Jason Momoa will look in the sequel to the 2018 hit. With the movie coming out in over two months, DC revealed a clear look at Momoa’s new duds in the next installment while announcing a prequel to said movie.

DC shared an image of Momoa donning his new Aquaman suit while they announced the comic book prequel, which can be read ahead of the upcoming Aquaman sequel for better context. They also credited those who helped with Momoa’s new Aquaman suit for the upcoming movie.

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DC’s official X account released the image of Momoa’s new Aquaman outfit while announcing the news. “Get ready for AQUAMAN AND THE LOST KINGDOM in theaters Dec 20 with the comic book prequel to the upcoming film! Photo cover starring Jason Momoa and variant cover by (Belen Ortega) and Arif Prianto available Oct 31.” The suit that Momoa’s Aquaman wears is much darker than the classic gold and green suit he’s been known to wear in the comics and the previous DCEU movies.

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It’s possible this darker suit is supposed to be camouflage, or in other words, is a stealth suit since Aquaman spends the majority of his time underwater. This dark blue suit should help him travel undersea without being detected, which could affect how the movie’s plot moves forward. From the comic book art, Aquaman will seemingly go up against one of the antagonists from the first Aquaman movie, Black Mantra, alongside his brother, King Orm.

The one problem, though, is that indications from Aquaman 2 test screenings have revealed that fans don’t like where the second movie is going. That’s not good news for the DCEU, which already dealt with The Flash and Shazam 2 not getting them the box office returns they wanted. Aquaman was a big hit when it came out in 2018, but that was when superhero movies were at their peak as box office gold, which has fallen a bit since then.

Props to DC for trying to build up hype for the upcoming film by making a prequel to give fans more content so that they know exactly what’s going on, but it may not matter if fan interest has waned to the point where Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom will be another flop for them. There was already some controversy surrounding the Aquaman 2 trailer, and they may not get past that. But, hey, at least they are trying. They deserve credit for that.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom will premiere in theaters on December 20, 2023.

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