New PS5 First-Person Horror Game Has a Mythological Twist


  • Death Relives, a first-person horror game with a mythological twist, is set to launch on PlayStation 5 alongside its planned PC and Xbox release.
  • Developer Nyctophile Studios, based in Istanbul, Turkey, is utilizing the latest technologies and prioritizing the best user experience in creating Death Relives.
  • October presents a key opportunity for Death Relives to draw attention as Halloween approaches, and the game’s unique story and social media presence are helping to build anticipation.

Death Relives, a first-person horror game with an exciting mythological twist, has confirmed plans to launch on PlayStation 5. Announced over a year ago for PC, Death Relives is a story revolving around the terrifying return of the Aztec god of life, death, and rebirth Xipe Totec. Developer Nyctophile Studios continues to work on bringing Death Relives to life, now with plans to launch the game not only on PC but also for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

Nyctophile Studios is a small indie team currently based in Istanbul, Turkey. Death Relives will be the team’s first project. As part of its announcement, Nyctophile says it’s focusing on utilizing the latest technologies including Unreal Engine in the creation of Death Relives. Another priority for the team is providing the “best user experience” it’s capable of in its horror game. Nyctophile describes Death Relives as a “warm-up project” so it has long-term goals being given priority.

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Over the past week, Nyctophile has started moving forward with its plan to have Death Relives set for a PS5 launch. First, it had Death Relives‘ official game profile launch on PlayStation. After that, it had PlayStation publish the survival horror game’s trailer on the platform’s YouTube account, where it’s already drawing a lot of attention.

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While the focus right now for Nyctophile is getting Death Relives some attention within the PlayStation community, it is not a PS5 exclusive. It was first announced for PC and can currently be wishlisted on Steam. It’s also announced for Xbox Series X/S, though a profile for the game has yet to be issued on the Xbox platform. Nyctophile and Xbox will hopefully be able to remedy that soon.

October is going to be a key month for Death Relives. While the survival horror game isn’t planned to launch until early 2024, October is a huge opportunity for spooky games to draw a lot of attention. Halloween is arriving soon and there will bring a lot of advertising for upcoming horror games. Having PlayStation begin to market Death Relives is a great start. Hopefully, that momentum will be kept going forward.

As an indie project, Death Relives will need all the help it can get to succeed. The unique mythological story with Xipe Totec is a great hook, and Nyctophile is already sharing clips of how the Aztec god will brutalize the player on social media. Now it just needs to build up name recognition with PS5 and Xbox Series X/S players, too. Expect to hear more about Death Relives in the months to come.

Death Relives releases in early 2021 on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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