New Rick And Morty Voice Actors Revealed


  • The new Rick and Morty voice actors sound virtually identical to the original, proving the versatility of the voice acting community.
  • Ian Cardoni, known for his wrestling appearances, takes on the role of Rick, while Harry Belden, with previous TV appearances, plays Morty.
  • Despite minor differences, fans should embrace the new voice actors to support abuse victims and give them the justice they deserve.

The new Rick and Morty voice actors were revealed as the show debuted its 7th season on Adult Swim. Much to fans’ relief, they sound virtually identical to how they’ve always had, just (presumably) without the baggage. But who exactly is behind the new sound?

After a slew of abuse allegations came out regarding Rick and Morty series co-creator Justin Roiland, it was quickly announced that the show would cut ties with him and Rick and Morty would recast its lead roles. That was less than a year ago, and the new season has already managed to come out on schedule, with Roiland’s replacements pulling their weight. One might think the series would have difficulty finding people to recreate such distinct character voices. But one may also underestimate just how versatile the people in the voice acting community can be.

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As pointed out by Deadline, Rick and Morty season 7 managed to nab some excellent newcomers to take up the mantle. Mad scientist and regular cautionary tale Rick Sanchez is now played by Clear History‘s Ian Cardoni. His neurotic yet oddly romantically prolific grandson Morty Smith is covered by Christmas Again‘s Harry Belden. As those who saw the premiere or just the trailer for Rick and Morty season 7 have already found out, the duo has quickly proven to be perfectly snug fits in their new roles. But where else might fans know them from?

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In a rather refreshing move, both actors replacing Roiland on Rick and Morty in the wake of the allegations are relatively unknown in the field, as opposed to the regular practice these days of finding celebrities who sound vaguely like what they’re going for. But that doesn’t mean they haven’t already cut their teeth in the industry. Wrestling fans may already be familiar with Cardoni due to his appearances at Wrestlemania 36 and Wrestlemania 37 as a now infamous narrator impersonating Johnny Depp’s Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Funnily enough, listening to those appearances, it’s pretty easy to hear some Rick in his voice.

As for Belden, he’s been seen in one-off appearances on several shows over the past few years. This includes Joe Pera Talks with You, Chicago Med, Proven Innocent,and his role as Will in Disney’s Christmas Again from 2021. Along with Cardoni as Rick, he’s proven to be a fantastic fit as Morty, capturing the character’s trademark nervous nature to a T. In this show, where the titular duo regularly goes on adventures through time, space, and dimensions with often disastrous and dark consequences, the versatility brought forth by both actors will be welcome.

There’s still a while before Rick and Morty reaches the end, so Cardoni and Belden have plenty of time to continue proving to fans why they deserve to stick around. Some fans may be spiteful over the minor differences between the new performances and Roiland’s. But it will always be worth whatever change is required to show abuse victims that they’re being heard and believed while giving them the justice and closure they deserve. Here’s hoping any fans on the fence can come around soon enough as they see just Cardoni and Belden can bring to the table.

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Rick and Morty airs new episodes on Sundays on Cartoon Network.

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Source: Deadline

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