Nicki Minaj Hung Up on Kai Cenat During Livestream


  • Kai Cenat, a popular Twitch content creator, had an awkward encounter with Nicki Minaj on Instagram Live when he ate loudly and with his mouth open, causing Minaj to get annoyed and tell him off.
  • While some find the situation amusing, many viewers believe Minaj will give Cenat another chance, as he has formed friendly acquaintances with other celebrities in the past.
  • Cenat’s ability to treat everyone equally and stay unfazed by meeting celebrities has made him approachable, and fans hope to see this potential friendship between Cenat and Minaj flourish.

Kai Cenat, one of the most successful content creators on Twitch, possibly didn’t feel quite so popular after Nicki Minaj hung up on him during a recent Instagram Live stream. The singer, songwriter, and rapper is known for a variety of hit songs and collaborations with other artists, and Minaj spoke out in support of Kai Cenat when he got banned from Twitch in April, saying, “Let the boy live. Let the boy rock.”

So, it seemed inevitable that the pair would eventually meet up on a livestream. Kai Cenat has had a number of celebrities call or visit him while streaming, and it seems he’s even formed a friendly acquaintance with some, like Drake. However, some of Cenat’s celebrity interactions haven’t gone so well in the long run. Though the content creator finally got to meet SZA, as he’d publicly longed to do for a while, Kai Cenat was puzzled to discover that SZA had blocked him on Instagram just six months later. He was also recently blocked by singer GloRilla because he disliked her song “Cha Cha Cha.”

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It seems another recent celebrity meetup didn’t go as planned either. Cenat joined Nicki Minaj on her Instagram Live stream on October 24, and the Trinidadian-born rapper seemed displeased pretty quickly. A clip that has been making the rounds on social media shows Minaj looking stunned and even a little disgusted as Kai Cenat eats loudly with his mouth open while talking to her. He then laughs in a goofy manner, at which point Minaj tells him to “sit [his] dumb a** down.”

kai cenat nicki minaj instagram live stream

The Twitch streamer immediately grabs a chair but still doesn’t seem to realize how cross the rapper is, until Minaj says, “Who the f*** do you think you’re talking to? Sit your silly a** down!” Kai immediately quiets down, looking confused, but before he can respond, he is removed from the livestream. While it might seem like Minaj intentionally hung up on him, that’s perhaps not the case, despite her annoyance. Before the clip ends, her face expression changes upon realizing Cenat has been cut from the call and she laughs, saying, “Oh, why’s it gonna look like I hung up?”

Most people in the comments on the posted clip seem to find the situation amusing but don’t think it’s too serious. Many are laughing at the chagrin Cenat must be feeling at making Minaj angry, but at the same time, a lot of viewers think the rapper will give him another chance. It’s uncertain why Cenat was acting so bizarrely, but obviously Minaj was expecting him to be a bit more respectful and even excited to be livestreaming with her. However, part of what has made Kai Cenat so approachable is the content creator’s ability to treat everybody equally and remain unfazed by meeting celebrities. Hopefully, there will be a follow-up stream or at least an update that the two have made amends, if not for Kai, who is probably discomfited, then for the fans who would like to see this potential friendship flourish.

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