Nintendo Switch 2 Leak Points to a Price Hike and Release Date


  • The next Nintendo console, the Switch 2, is rumored to be more expensive than its predecessor and will come in two models, according to a known leaker.
  • The digital-only model of the Switch 2 is expected to retail at $400, while the standard edition will be $50 more expensive.
  • The Switch 2 is rumored to be released on September 24, 2024, with a fallback release date of November 3.
  • The console may also have AR features and lack an OLED display.

The next Nintendo console, provisionally dubbed the Switch 2, will be significantly more expensive than its predecessor and split into two models, a known leaker said. The insider also claimed that the system is planned to hit the market much later than what some past Switch 2 release window reports suggested.

The source of the newly surfaced rumor is SoldierDelta, a member of the Discord server belonging to The Snitch, a reputable insider with years’ worth of credible leaks to their name. In contrast, SoldierDelta’s track record contains but a single item: an early July 2023 leak that revealed gameplay details about Team Ninja’s PS5 exclusive Rise of the Ronin, substantiating them with a handful of legitimate-looking screenshots from the game. And though their trustworthiness is hence far from iron-clad, the fact that The Snitch vouched for the veracity of their first leak suggests they had some level of industry insight in the past.

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SoldierDelta has once again taken to Discord on October 6 with a claim that the Switch 2 will have a digital-only model that will retail at $400, whereas the standard edition of the console will supposedly be $50 more expensive. For context, the Switch launched at $300. While the leaker characterized that pricing as subject to change, they seemingly insisted that the dual-model lineup is set in stone on two separate occasions. SoldierDelta also said that Nintendo is planning to release the Switch 2 on September 24, 2024. The gaming giant supposedly even set a fallback release date “in case something goes wrong,” which is November 3, as per the same source.

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SoldierDelta The Snitchers Discord Server Switch 2 release date price tag leak

The leaker also reaffirmed the recent rumor suggesting the Switch 2 will have AR features and lack an OLED display. They even mentioned an “NG” codename, but later clarified how that moniker was only given to developers and isn’t how Nintendo is actually referring to the system in-house. For reference, the Switch was code-named NX, with Nintendo only announcing its official name in October 2016, some five months ahead of its market debut.

A September release would likely mean the console would get unveiled no later than spring 2024, which is consistent with a recent rumor suggesting the Switch 2 will be official around its predecessor’s seventh anniversary. Whenever Nintendo reveals more information about the Switch 2, it will be interesting to see which leaks about the device were correct.

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