One Piece Showrunner Offers Promising Update On Casting Jamie Lee Curtis In Season 2


  • One Piece showrunner Matt Owens discusses his campaign to cast Jamie Lee Curtis as Doctor Kureha in the second season, hoping to continue the show’s successful casting choices.
  • Owens and the writers sent Curtis a figure of Doctor Kureha with a note congratulating her on her Oscar win, generating fan interest and furthering their efforts to manifest their dream casting.
  • Curtis has also expressed interest in the role, posting artwork of herself as Doctor Kureha on Instagram and stating that she will lobby for the role once the actors’ strike is settled.

One Piece showrunner Matt Owens finally did his first interview for the Netflix show, where he updated fans about casting Jamie Lee Curtis in the second season.

Netflix’s live-action anime adaptations do not have a good track record, so One Piece fans were surprised their adaptation would be done so well. The One Piece series made some major changes from the source material but was still well-received by many. One of the biggest reasons it was well received was due to some of the amazing casting choices, and the showrunner hopes to keep that up with season 2.

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In an interview with Deadline, showrunner Owens was able to talk about the live-action One Piece series for the first time since the beginning of the writers’ strike. During the interview, Owens discussed his campaign for Curtis to play Doctor Kureha in One Piece season 2. “It came out that Jamie Lee Curtis is a One Piece fan. As soon as she said that, we were like, okay, we have to try and get her on the show. What can we do? And Doctor Kureha, very luckily, is a character who is coming up in our story, and is someone who is perfect for Jamie Lee Curtis,” Owens said.

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One Piece Season 2 Role Jamie Lee Curtis

Owens talked about how they are trying to manifest this dream casting. “After she won her Oscar, the writers room sent her a figure of Doctor Kureha with a nice note that said, ‘Congratulations on your statue, here’s another one to put next to it. Hope to speak to you soon,'” Owens said. “When she reposted that, it got a lot of fan interest, and I commented on it. We’re trying to manifest it. Yes, as of right now, SAG is still striking so there have not been real conversations. But as soon as there can be, I’m ready. I will take her out to dinner, we’ll talk about it. We’ll do all of it because at this point we’re writing for her — we really, really want her to come and play with us in Season 2.”

However, because the actors are still striking, there has not been an official conversation with Curtis about the role. Curtis is also campaigning for the One Piece role. She posted art of her as Doctor Kureha on her Instagram and said, “ONCE the STRIKE against the greed of the AMTPT is SETTLED with a FAIR CONTRACT, I will lobby along with the growing fan frenzy to become Doctor Kureha in @onepiecenetflix.”

With both Curtis and Owns wanting this casting, it is not a question of if Curtis will be cast in the One Piece role but when it will be announced.

One Piece season 1 is available on Netflix.

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Source: Deadline

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