Overwatch 2 Fan Creates Incredible Bug Skin Concept for Ramattra


  • An Overwatch 2 fan created a bug-inspired skin concept for Ramattra, a Tank hero in the game.
  • The skin concept, named “Bug-Mattra,” features a detailed design that resembles a mantis and includes two forms with different features.
  • The fan-made skin has a high level of detail and has the potential for variations.

An Overwatch 2 fan has created an incredible bug skin concept for the Tank hero Ramattra. Ramattra is one of the first heroes exclusive to Overwatch 2, and this skin concept could make him a favorite among bug fans.

When Overwatch 2 was released, all the heroes from the first game received revamped looks and abilities. As a live service game, seasonal content has been consistently released for the sequel. Ramattra was introduced to Overwatch 2 in Season 2, and he quickly became a popular Tank hero. As an Omnic, Ramattra can transform into more of a damage dealer with one of his abilities. Though the character has seen some nerfs since his release, he remains a popular Tank hero. This Ramattra skin concept shows him in an entirely new form that resembles a bug more than the Bee design for D.Va.


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Reddit user Silveme recently shared an Overwatch 2 skin concept for Ramttra that has been dubbed “Bug-Mattra.” The Reddit user highlighted the skin from every angle, showing a high attention to detail in its design. The skin has two forms to match the design of the Overwatch 2 Tank hero, and it’s green with red and silver highlights with a design that resembles a mantis. Ramattra’s head is drastically altered in this skin variant to resemble a bug, with red eyes and a mantis-like mandible. The base form of the skin has red and white wings, while the Nemesis form has an egg resting on its spine. In the bigger form, the wings wrap around Ramattra’s neck and connect to a loin cloth by coils that can be seen from the back.

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Ramattra’s staff is fittingly altered to resemble bug parts in Silveme’s concept, with a small egg floating in the crescent. Because of the detail in this cosmetic, it could work well as an Overwatch 2 Mythic skin for the Tank hero. The high-detail sketches of the skin still show the robotic form of Ramattra, with green armor that looks like it’s crafted by bug parts. The skin could also be complemented by offering variants that would make it resemble other bugs rather than a mantis. One fan suggested having a white variant of the same skin that would resemble a moth, while a yellow and black version may look like a wasp.

As some skins already reflect bugs, like D.Va’s B.Va and Orissa’s Grand Beast Mythic, this concept may suit the game well. Because Blizzard continues to update Overwatch 2, something like this Ramattra bug concept may get added to the cosmetic lineup in the future.

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