Overwatch 2 Fans Point Out Big Missed Opportunity For D.Va


  • Fans of Overwatch 2 think that D.Va should have more emotes when she is outside of her mech, as currently she only has a generic pose.
  • Some players believe that D.Va should have separate emotes for when she is inside her mech and when she is out of it, creating more variety for the character.
  • While it’s unclear if Blizzard will redesign old emotes for D.Va, there is a possibility that a future emote will work both inside and outside of her mech.

After being carried forward to Overwatch 2, some fans wonder why D.Va hasn’t gotten more emotes for when she is out of her mech. Since the original title, D.Va players have received a second wind after her mech is destroyed, but some Overwatch 2 players think that it’s time for this version of D.Va to get more attention.

D.Va is one of the heroes introduced to Overwatch 2 from its prequel. Despite a couple of adjustments that D.Va received in her transition to Overwatch 2, the character largely plays the same as she did in the original. Because the Overwatch cosmetics also carried over with the release of Overwatch 2, many players already have emotes for the character. Some players have pointed out an issue with “Baby” D.Va, the character’s identity when outside of her mech. While D.Va inside her mech has a plethora of emotes to choose from, Baby D.Va is stuck using a generic pose.

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Reddit user Bleedingwriter is among several Overwatch 2 fans voicing their opinion on a huge missed opportunity for D.Va. Because D.Va comes in two forms, the character could have two separate tracks of emotes depending on if she’s inside or out of her mech. D.Va mains already have several Overwatch 2 emotes to choose between when piloting the tank hero on the battlefield. Once she’s out of mech, these options disappear until the player is able to earn another mech by attacking the enemy team. Bleedingwriter and many other D.Va fans believe that Blizzard should rectify this by animating existing emotes for Baby D.Va or creating entirely new ones for these situations.

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Regardless of what emotes an Overwatch 2 player may select, Baby D.Va only does the basic Heroic pose. Heroic poses are part of every hero’s lineup of cosmetics, with each one being significantly toned down from emotes that can be acquired. Even if players purchase emotes from the Overwatch 2 shop, the cosmetic is limited to D.Va inside of her mech. Some Overwatch 2 fans have expressed the amount of development time that would be spent animating two different versions of the character, but other tank mains desire more. Bleedingwriter’s post hints that the move to Overwatch 2 may have been the ideal time to add more emotes to D.Va for the character to use outside the mech.

Although many Overwatch 2 D.Va fans have requested D.Va emotes that work outside of her mech, it’s unclear if Blizzard would redesign old ones. Given that Blizzard adds more cosmetics with each Overwatch 2 season, it’s possible that a future emote will work inside and outside of her mech.

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