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Overwatch 2 Giving Away Free Credits to Players in Season 7


Overwatch 2 is giving away a whopping 3000 free credits to players in Season 7. All players need to do to earn this free in-game currency is log in to Overwatch 2 during the redemption period.

The one-year anniversary event for Overwatch 2 has featured a set of weekly challenges that, when completed, gave players 3000 Overwatch Credits redeemable for legacy items, plus a selection of cosmetics from the limited-time Anniversary store. However, a technical issue was preventing some players from earning the currency after completing the Anniversary Challenges, prompting Overwatch 2 to disable the extra Overwatch Credit rewards.

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To compensate for this, Overwatch 2 announced it would be giving out 3000 Overwatch Credits to everyone for free. To claim these Overwatch Credits, players simply need to log in to Overwatch 2 once during the first week of Season 7, from October 10 through October 17. Fans lucky enough to have earned Overwatch Credits from the Anniversary Challenges before they were disabled still qualify for this free stipend as well, meaning some players can double up on the free currency.

The Anniversary Credits Shop from the Overwatch 2 event will be open for an extra week through October 16, so players will still be able to buy items from the catalog of items before it is closed. Additionally, Overwatch 2 confirmed more content will be available for purchase with Overwatch Credits starting in Season 7. Players can expect more information on what these new offerings are once the upcoming season draws closer.

Overall, players are glad Overwatch 2 handled this issue with such grace and that Overwatch Credits are easier to get and more valuable in general. When Overwatch 2 first launched, fans were not happy with how difficult Overwatch Credits were to get, so having more ways to collect and use them is a huge win.

Season 7 of Overwatch 2 is about to begin. Titled Rise of Darkness, this spooky season will feature several scary skins, including one that transforms Moira into Lilith from Diablo 4. While players will have to wait until Overwatch 2 Season 8 to play the new unannounced tank hero, Season 7 is adding the new Samoa Control map and is seemingly preparing a Halloween-themed makeover for Blizzard World. With Season 7 beginning on October 10, players can expect to learn more about what is in store for Overwatch 2 in the days leading up to its launch.

Overwatch 2 is out now for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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Source: Blizzard

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