Overwatch 2 Player Points Out Strange Detail About Hanzo’s Arrows


  • Hanzo’s arrows in Overwatch 2 have a hitbox at the back of the arrow, not the entire projectile.
  • The hitbox placement is likely designed for fairness and satisfaction during gameplay.
  • Overwatch 2’s Season 8 will introduce a new tank hero, Mauga, and players have a limited time to earn season 7 rewards before the new season begins.

One Overwatch 2 player has pointed out that Hanzo’s arrows don’t work the way most players would assume. While Overwatch 2 gamers would be forgiven for thinking the hitbox for Hanzo’s arrows applies to the entire projectile, a slow-motion video shows that this simply isn’t the case. Of course, this affects both Hanzo mains and those forced to cross paths with the elder Shimada brother.

Hanzo’s one-hit potential makes him an upper-level character on most Overwatch 2 hero tier lists. Not to mention, since Hanzo is one of Overwatch’s original heroes, the community has a pretty good idea of how he plays. However, that doesn’t mean there still aren’t new things to learn about the fan-favorite bow-and-arrow wielder.

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Reddit user SammyIsSeiso shared an insightful slow-motion video of Hanzo shooting an arrow in Overwatch 2′s Practice Range. The brief clip, as first found by Dexerto, shows Hanzo shooting his arrow at a Tracer hero bot. However, the footage clearly shows that the hitbox is on the back of the arrow, as opposed to the entire projectile being one cylindrical hitbox. While in slow-motion, the video shows that Tracer isn’t actually taking damage until the arrow’s feather reaches her forehead. Obviously, this is nearly impossible to spot in real-time, but it is quite obvious when slowed down.

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The community sounded off with various thoughts as to why the hitbox would be at the end of the arrow and not the tip, with the leading theory being that this is probably what feels the most satisfying while playing. In other words, this hitbox placement is probably what seems natural and fair while playing as both Hanzo’s counters and the character himself. If the entire arrow were one hitbox, this might feel a bit unfair for those who are merely grazed by the projectile.

With Hanzo receiving a mythic skin during Overwatch 2′s Season 7, DPS players could be more likely to use the hero. However, players only have a little bit more time to earn Season 7 rewards, with Season 8 right around the corner – launching December 5. Overwatch 2′s seventh season, Rise of Darkness, embraced Halloween and the spooky aesthetic, but the eighth season looks to turn to a new page for the hero shooter with its theme, Call of the Hunt.

In addition to Overwatch 2 revealing the Season 8 name and release date, the team-based shooter is also touting a new tank hero, Mauga. The massive bruiser is set to drop at the start of Season 8, and will presumably be unlocked by purchasing the Battle Pass or by grinding a bit in the free version.

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