Payday 3 Update Delayed, PS5 Players Still Waiting on Bonus Content


  • Payday 3 had a disastrous launch, receiving negative reviews and complaints about matchmaking issues, making the game essentially unplayable at first.
  • The upcoming patch for Payday 3 has been delayed in order to improve stability and avoid further issues, including the delay of PS5 bonus content.
  • Starbreeze, the developer of Payday 3, may make the game less dependent on online services and has unveiled a roadmap for future DLCs and seasonal events.

The developers of Payday 3 have announced that the upcoming patch, which was due by now, has been delayed. Payday 3’s disastrous launch gained Mostly Negative reviews on Steam and complaints from gamers playing on all platforms, but the team seems to be working hard to overcome these issues.

Soon after the launch, Payday 3 was essentially unplayable. Over 200,000 people attempted to play during the first weekend. Because of this, the online infrastructure didn’t hold well. At the time, most people could not even log into the game or find other players in matchmaking. While Payday 3’s matchmaking issues are now fixed, these events have tarnished its image.

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Now, the next Payday 3 update is officially delayed. According to Starbreeze, the team decided to delay the patch for a few days to improve its stability and avoid causing further issues to the heist-based title. Also, the patch needs changes that would require the team to undergo console certification once more, which takes time. The devs also confirmed that the update is now expected by the middle of October. Unfortunately, this also means that the PS5 bonus content, which was expected in the update, is also delayed.

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Soon after the launch, Starbreeze informed players that the title’s cosmetic bonus DLCs were not working as intended on PS5, and players would not be able to redeem them. This included several gold and silver versions of items, as well as other cosmetics. Fortunately, these currently unavailable items don’t influence gameplay in any way.

While it’s undeniable that Payday 3 had game-breaking issues at launch, the situation is steadily improving as time passes. For instance, Starbreeze has announced that it would consider make Payday 3 less dependent on online services. The announcement comes on the heels of the complaints of many gamers, who greatly disliked that they had to log into Nebula accounts to play Payday 3 even if they were only interested in a single-player experience.

Starbreeze also unveiled a road map for Payday 3’s future. It confirmed that players can expect four major DLCs: Syntax Error, Boys in Blue, The Land of the Free, and Fear and Greed, which will be launched roughly every three months, starting in Winter 2023. Players can also expect seasonal events apart from new content from the DLCs, which may add new content.

Payday 3 is out now for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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