Pokemon Fan Art Combines Giratina and Tina from Bob’s Burgers


  • Digital illustrator Steve Carcamo created “Gira Tina,” a combination of Tina from Bob’s Burgers and the legendary Pokemon Giratina.
  • The joke fusion is both silly and terrifying, but foremost impressive, a fact that was not lost on the hundreds of Pokemon fans that helped it make the rounds on social media.

One talented Pokemon fan has decided to utilize his impressive artistic skills in order to create a fusion of Giratina and Tina Belcher from Bob’s Burgers. Dubbed Gira Tina, the terrifying creation adds to the vast pool of examples illustrating the immense creativity of the Pokemon fandom.

Concepts that combine different creature designs have long been among the most widespread types of fan art spawned by Game Freak’s iconic franchise. But even the creepiest Pokemon fusions that can be found online are normally limited to designs that combine two or more pocket monsters instead of incorporating other characters.

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Looking to shake things up a bit, digital illustrator Steve Carcamo has recently decided to fuse Giratina with Tina Belcher, the daughter of the titular character from Bob’s Burgers. The end result of his efforts is an utterly terrifying creature consisting of Giratina’s body and Tina’s head. The latter has a facial expression of pure horror, almost like it’s trying to wake up from a bad dream.

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While a number of fans reacted to the design with the “thanks, I hate it” meme, many more were clearly impressed with Carcamo’s fusion. Namely, the unsettling artwork made the front page of the largest Pokemon subreddit on January 22, amassing hundreds of upvotes in the process. The fact that the whole concept was based on the “Gira Tina” play on words seemingly contributed to the design’s social media traction. One fan even asked the artist to continue this train of thought by drawing Gene Sect, a combination of Genesect and Gene Belcher, Tina’s brother.

I haven’t drawn Pokemon in years, and now I can’t stop.

Whether Carcamo ends up doing so remains to be seen, although the artist did acknowledge the request in a noncommittal manner. This isn’t the first time that the talented fan created a joke fusion of this sort, having previously authored a high-effort amalgamation of Grimer and Eevee that’s as silly as it is impressive. His other unusual Pokemon fusions include one that combines Kingler and Magnezone, as well as a design comprising elements of Abra and Machop. The latter, shared in July 2022, marked the artist’s return to Pokemon drawings after a long hiatus. “I haven’t drawn Pokemon in years, and now I can’t stop,” he wrote at the time.

Sure enough, Carcamo’s inventive takes on pocket monsters seem to be getting more prevalent by the day ever since. Gira Tina is hence the third such concept of his to emerge online in recent weeks, arriving shortly after a peculiar Raticate-Magikarp combo and another impressive piece of Pokemon fan art fusing Corviknight and Sirfetch’d.

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