Pokemon Fan Creates Incredible Arbok Evolution and More


  • A talented Pokemon fan creates an evolution for Arbok and pre-evolutions for Shellder, Slowpoke, and Rotom.
  • The fan-designed Pokemon include Agan, Clamide, Slowcof, and Retuor, each with unique types and appearances.
  • Fan art adds richness to the Pokemon universe, sparking curiosity about how these creations would fit in an official game.

A talented Pokemon fan has created an evolution for Arbok, and pre-evolutions for Shellder, Slowpoke, and Rotom. Every day, Pokemon fans produce fan art reimagining their favorite monsters. With this display of creativity, the Pokemon community continually expands the franchise’s universe.

There are more than 1,000 Pokemon with diverse designs, from those based on real life to wild ones. The Gen 1 Pokemon are remembered for iconic designs, such as Arbok, a cobra Pokemon with intimidating eyes. Shellder is a bivalve mollusk and responsible for one of the weirdest Pokedex entries, while Slowpoke’s appearance is reminiscent of a salamander and hippopotamus. Meanwhile, Rotom is a Gen 4 representative whose plasma body can change into other Rotom types, or inhabit electronics and transform into objects like Rotom Pokedex. The Pokemon franchise already has a rich diversity of visuals, but one talented fan decided to share their take on some monsters.


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Reddit user PhantomLink2782 created an evolution for Arbok and pre-evolutions for Shellder, Slowpoke, and Rotom. Agan is a Poison/Dragon-type Pokemon that combines Arbok’s snake-like features with draconic visual elements, such as horns and spikes that go all the way to the tip of its tail. Shellder gains the pre-evolution Clamide, a Water-type that’s a pink-colored mollusk with a playful look. Slowpoke has several evolutions, but for the first time, it gets the pre-evolution Slowcof, a Water/Psychic-type Pokemon with the appearance of an adorable round-eared teddy bear. Retuor is an Electric/Ghost-type Pokemon and the previous form of Rotom that retains the same mischievous look as the Pokemon and has “arms” that resemble the Wi-fi signal icon.

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Following the fan art of Agan, Clamide, Slowcof, and Retuor, the OP has created Pokedex entries, stats, abilities, the origin of each Pokemon’s name, and how to get them. To evolve Arbok into Agan, the Dragon Scale item needs to be used with the Pokemon at level 40. Clamide is obtained by breeding Shelder while holding a Water Gem. Slowcof is born by breeding Slowpoke while holding a Soothe Bell, an important item for Pokemon that evolve through friendship. The evolution method for Retuor is different and consists of an evolution trade while the Pokemon is holding the Upgrade item.

While Gen 9 starts to wind down after the release of the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet epilogue, the Pokemon community continues to produce creative art to show its appreciation for the franchise. The Pokemon made by PhantomLink2782 retain details from their counterparts, while successfully adding an element of originality. With the added information created by the artist, the fan art becomes richer and spikes curiosity about what it would be like if these Pokemon were part of an official game.



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