Pokemon Fan Designs Male Version of Kangaskhan


  • A Pokemon fan artist creates a male version of Kangaskhan, carrying its child on its shoulders instead of in a pouch.
  • Fan artists often reimagine familiar Pokemon in new and creative ways, such as designing new evolutions, baby forms, and regional variants.
  • JJonnie, the artist behind the male Kangaskhan design, has shared many fan-made Pokemon creations with the community, including a Poison-type Eevee evolution.

One talented Pokemon fan artist designed a paternal version of Kangaskhan. Of course, in Pokemon lore, Kangaskhan is a female-only species. Described as the “parent Pokemon,” Kangaskhan is typically seen with its child inside its pouch, similar to a kangaroo.

As a common practice, Pokemon fan artists generally like to reimagine familiar creatures in unfamiliar ways. For example, one artist designed Pokemon starter evolutions inspired by Legends: Arceus. This is only one type of practice, however. Fan artists also create new evolutions of existing Pokemon, pre-evolutions or baby forms, Paradox forms, Mega evolutions, fusions, and regional variants.

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Reddit user JJonnie designed a male Kangaskhan and is sharing their unique creation with the community. Unlike the canonical female Kangaskhan, the male version does not have a pouch. Instead, it carries its child around on its shoulders. JJonnie even adds a bit of backstory to their creation, claiming that the male Kangaskhan is “more playful” than the female version. The father likes to throw his baby up into the air “but sometimes tends to drop it.” The artist even provides an illustration of this in their post.

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JJonnie has shared countless Pokemon-inspired, fan-made creations with the community over the years. Just recently, the Pokemon fan artist created a Poison-type Eevee evolution. On top of this, JJonnie has created Pokemon in various unique forms, fused multiple creatures together, and even blended different styles through franchise crossovers.

Even after the conclusion of the Indigo Disk DLC, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players are flocking to Sword and Shield thanks to shiny Legendaries. Of course, many Legendary Pokemon were made available through the Indigo Disk DLC, but fans were disappointed to find that all of the creatures are shiny-locked. However, the expansion has proven to be a great place to shiny hunt starter Pokemon from previous generations as they are included in the game after a fair bit of grinding.

Outside of the official franchise, Palworld has been generating a lot of buzz. Unofficially referred to as “Pokemon with guns,” Palworld has enjoyed a successful launch thus far. In fact, Palworld has overtaken Counter-Strike with the second-most concurrent players on Steam of all time. Of course, Pokemon has seen its fair share of clones and knock-offs, but Palworld appears to be something more given its incredible success. Pokemon will look to take the momentum back with its next title, but that game has yet to be announced. Pokemon has become a nearly annualized franchise at this point, but there are currently no officially announced games for fans to look forward to following Scarlet and Violet.

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet are the main entries in the series for Generation IX. They introduced over 100 new Pokemon and brought players to the Paldea region.

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