Pokemon Fan Gives Baxcalibur an Impressive Makeover


  • A Pokemon Scarlet and Violet player redesigned Baxcalibur, the Ice Dragon Pokemon, and received praise from fellow trainers on social media.
  • Baxcalibur is a strong physical attacker in the game, but its weaknesses against Fairy and Steel Pokemon put it at a disadvantage in competitive play.
  • The artist added more scales, longer arms, and made the skull more kaiju-like in the redesign, receiving comparisons to Godzilla and legendary Pokemon Kyurem from fans.

A Pokemon Scarlet and Violet player took on the challenge of giving the draconic Pokemon Baxcalibur a different look and shared their handiwork on social media. The Pokemon Scarlet and Violet artist received compliments and feedback from their fellow trainers, with some fans also comparing the redesigned Baxcalibur to other monsters.

Known as the Ice Dragon Pokemon, Baxcalibur is considered the pseudo-legendary Pokemon of the Paldea region. It is the final form of the Frigibax evolutionary line and evolves from Arctibax at level 54. With moves such as Glaive Rush, Icicle Crash, and Crunch in its arsenal, along with its Thermal Exchange ability, Baxcalibur is one of the strongest physical attackers in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. However, its weak special defense and its Ice and Dragon dual-typing put Baxcalibur at a disadvantage against Fairy and Steel Pokemon, both of which have seen use in competitive play. Despite its shortcomings in Pokemon battles, Baxcalibur remains one of the top Ice Pokemon designs to date. As a result, one Pokemon fan sought to improve upon the Ice Dragon Pokemon’s design.

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A Redditor with the fitting username of dadragontype redesigned Baxcalibur and posted their work on the r/pokemon subreddit. Though the OP compared the official design of Baxcalibur to a bowling pin, they stated that the design was intended to give Baxcalibur more of an edge to match their preferences as a Pokemon fan. The artist gave Baxcalibur more scales along its back and changed its arms to be longer and have more muscle to them. In addition, the Ice Dragon Pokemon’s skull was made slightly longer and given more details to look more reminiscent of kaiju such as Godzilla. While Baxcalibur’s giant axe-shaped fin remained one of its distinctive traits in the redesign, the OP made it slightly smaller to give the rest of the Pokemon’s body more details.

In the comments of the r/pokemon post, Pokemon fans thanked dadragontype for their work. While some fans compared the artist’s redesign to Godzilla, more fans drew comparisons to another Ice and Dragon Pokemon, the legendary Pokemon from Unova called Kyurem. Though the OP said that Tyranitar was their favorite pseudo-legendary Pokemon, they also appreciated the feedback and compliments.

Although Baxcalibur is an underwhelming pseudo-legendary Pokemon, that has not stopped fans such as dadragontype from making awesome designs. Only time will tell what Pokemon fans will come up with next.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available now for Nintendo Switch.

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