Pokemon Fan Makes Adorable Palafin Plush


  • A Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fan created a plush doll of Palafin, a Water-type Pokemon, and received praise for their attention to detail.
  • Palafin has two forms, Zero Form and Hero Form, with distinct physical features. The plush doll represented Palafin’s shiny version.
  • Palafin’s unique ability, Zero to Hero, transforms it into its Hero Form during battle, boosting its attack and defense stats.

A Pokemon Scarlet and Violet player crafted an adorable and soft plush doll of the aquatic Pokemon called Palafin and shared their finished work on social media. In response, otherPokemon Scarlet and Violet fans praised the toy maker for their attention to detail and asked about the materials that were used to craft the doll.

Known as the Dolphin Pokemon, Palafin is a Water-type Pokemon introduced in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Palafin evolves from Finizen at level 38 while in a Union Circle group. Alternatively, Palafin can be battled and caught in five-star Tera raid battles. With two forms called Zero Form and Hero Form, Palafin is one of the more unique Paldean Pokemon. In its Zero Form, Palafin looks no different from Finizen, except for the pink mark on its chest shaped like a dolphin’s tail. By comparison, Palafin stands on its tail and has a deeper blue body in its Hero Form. This design is reminiscent of comic book superheroes, such as Superman, who adopt secret identities to blend in with civilians and avoid drawing attention to themselves unless forced to.

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On Reddit, one Pokemon fan decided to turn Palafin’s Zero Form into an adorable doll. A user named MichaelKToymaker shared a picture on the Pokemon subreddit of the Palafin plush they created. However, they used the Shiny version of the Pokemon as the basis for the doll. The Shiny version of Palafin has a pastel blue body and blue-green eyes, compared to the normal version’s bright blue body and blue-pink eyes. In the screenshot, the OP showed the plush Palafin from different angles, using a fluffy texture throughout the top of the body. In addition, the OP said they used polyester for the Palafin plush’s stuffing, though they stated they have had clients that requested mochi stuffing in the past.

As far as gameplay goes, Palafin has the unique ability Zero to Hero that transforms the Dolphin Pokemon from its Zero Form into its Hero Form when switched out from a Pokemon battle. This form shift greatly enhances its attack and defense stats and turns Palafin into one of the best sweepers in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. To complement this ability, it has the signature move Flip Turn that allows it to switch out with a teammate and assume its Hero Form upon returning to battle.

With Pokemon such as Snorlax being turned into plushes by fans, it stands to reason why Palafin got one as well. With plenty of Pokemon to pick from, it remains to be seen which plushes Pokemon fans will make next.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available now for Nintendo Switch.

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