Pokemon Fan Makes Impressive Pixel Art Ninetales Card


  • A talented Pokemon fan created impressive pixel art of a Ninetales trading card, showcasing the creativity and love fans have for the franchise.
  • The Pokemon franchise has a massive fan base, resulting in a wide range of fan art and creative interpretations of Pokemon designs.
  • With new Pokemon designs constantly being added, fans can expect to see more Pokemon fan art in the future, including unique takes on classic designs like Ninetales.

A Pokemon fan has shared their impressive artwork depicting a Ninetales trading card in a pixel art style. Ninetales is a Gen 1 Pokemon with one of the most creative designs in the series, with its nine tails suiting its name perfectly.

Although the Pokemon franchise started out with just 151 Pokemon to choose from in Gen 1, that number has since grown to over 1,000. Because of this, there are plenty of different designs, and everyone has a favorite. The franchise has such a large fan base, and it seems that most Pokemon have had many pieces of fan art of their own over the years. One fan even showed their love for the franchise by making a neat hand-carved version of the Pokemon Ivysaur, which was a great way to get a fresh perspective of one of the most iconic designs in the series. The Pokemon series continues to add new designs, and remains as popular as ever. With this in mind, gamers can expect to see plenty more Pokemon fan art for years to come.

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Pokemon Fan Designs Paradox Form for Scyther

A highly skilled Pokemon fan designs a past Paradox form for Scyther, giving the iconic creature from Gen 1 an entirely new look.

One creative design was shared by Redditor mich-spich, which shows off a Ninetales card if it were rendered in 2D pixel art. There’s even a close-up of the main artwork of the card, so players can really see the details of this Pokemon fan favorite. The art itself doesn’t seem to be based upon any of the original card designs for Ninetales, which allowed the user to take some creative liberties with the artwork and include some incredible details. It even includes a homage to the card game, showing the move Flame Tail, which doesn’t appear in any of the games yet remains a staple for Ninetales in Pokemon TCG.

The amazing artwork inspired another cool idea in the thread, with one user floating the concept of physical cards in a similar pixel art style. It would certainly be an interesting way to pay tribute to the sprites of the early games in the series, which were used until the beginning of Gen 6, with Pokemon X and Y moving to 3D models. The series certainly isn’t against limited edition cards in any way, with a Pokemon TCG x Van Gogh Museum Card being revealed earlier this year.

In the world of Pokemon games, Game Freak and The Pokemon Company continue to bring new content to the Generation 9 titles Scarlet and Violet. A few months back, the first piece of DLC was released for the games titled The Teal Mask, and the second DLC called The Indigo Disk will be released on December 14. Many players were less than pleased with the games upon release, with many citing performance issues and bugs. However, these DLCs have the potential to go a long way in repairing gamer trust in the franchise going forward.

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Pokemon is a franchise that needs no introduction. One of the most successful media empires in history, Pokemon spans games, television, films, manga, merchandise, music, and more.

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