Pokemon Fan Makes Seasonal Versions of Bulbasaur Out of Beads


  • Pokemon fan gains online attention for creating unique fan art of seasonal Bulbasaur made from beads. Fans regularly create diverse and prolific art.
  • Bulbasaur is a popular Pokemon known for evolving into Venusaur and is part of the original starters in Pokemon Red and Blue. It will be included in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s DLC.
  • The fan art consists of four Bulbasaurs representing each season, made with beads. The artwork has received positive feedback and took around two hours to create each piece.

A creative and artistically talented Pokemon fan is gaining some online attention after they posted their unique fan art of several seasonal versions of Bulbasaur made entirely out of beads. The unique art pieces are just the latest examples of how diverse and prolific Pokemon fans can be at creating art, with fan-made creations regularly making headlines across the web.

Arguably among some of the most well-known Pokemon in the history of the franchise, Bulbasaur is a dual-type Grass/Poison Pokemon introduced in Pokemon‘s first generation. Evolving first into Ivysaur and then the powerful Venusaur, Bulbasaur is part of the original three starters in Pokemon Red and Blue along with Squirtle and Charmander. While initially absent from the game, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet‘s Indigo Disk DLC is bringing back every starter from every generation, Bulbasaur included.

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The impressive Bulbasaur fanart comes from Reddit user MissMaana, who posted their creations to one of the site’s major Pokemon forums. There are four Bulbasaurs in total, each representing one of the four seasons. The spring Bulbasaur is predominately white with Togepi-like splotches of color along with an Easter basket replacing the bulb. The summer Bulbasaur sports a warmer earth tone palette with its bulb replaced with a pina colada. Fall Bulbasaur features dark gray skin in addition to swapping the bulb for a jack-o-lantern, and icy blue skin with a snowman head replacing the bulb on winter Bulbasaur.

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The original art is being well-received by fellow Pokemon fans, with the post garnering a few dozen upvotes within just a few hours of being posted. Further inspection of the comments section reveals that each of the seasonal Bulbasaurs took around two hours to make. The fall Bulbasaur’s design is reminiscent of another Pokemon fan’s Halloween-themed Bulbasaur, which similarly features a jack-o-lantern replacing the bulb, with a themed Ivysaur and Venusaur to match.

Beads aren’t the only form Bulbasaur has taken at the hands of fans as of late. A Pokemon fan recently managed to build a Bulbasaur-themed ship in Starfield, featuring the Pokemon’s signature blue-green skin and green bulb. The ship also mimics Bulbasaur’s profile – wide, short, and strong.

While putting in this many hours into a Pokemon art project is certainly impressive, it’s not the most time spent on such an effort, as another fan spent over 300 hours creating the entire first generation of Pokemon out of beads. The daunting endeavor required about 2.5 hours per Pokemon, resulting in roughly 375 hours of labor. Although a rather uncommon medium, the pixel-like nature of fusing beads lends itself to emulating the nostalgic sprites so many Pokemon fans have cherished and continue to cherish today.

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