Pokemon Fan Recreates Pallet Town in Far Cry 5


  • Some Far Cry 5 players are using the game’s map editor to recreate popular locations from other games, such as Pokemon’s Pallet Town.
  • The recreated Pallet Town in Far Cry 5 is depicted as an abandoned, post-apocalyptic version, which has been praised by some fans for its unique atmosphere.
  • While Far Cry 6 may have been well-received, Far Cry 5’s map-editor mode continues to draw players back due to its creative freedom and unique experiences not available in the latest release.

A Far Cry 5 player shared a screenshot of their recreation of a popular Pokemon town by recreating it with Far Cry Arcade. Although the latest release in the series is Far Cry 6, players continue to play Far Cry 5 since Arcade is unavailable in the latest release that removed a unique experience that the previous game offers.

Far Cry Arcade is a mode that was introduced in Far Cry 5 that grants players creative freedom to create their own worlds with its in-game map editor. Creative Far Cry players recreated the Eiffel Tower, Dampe’s graveyard from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina in Time, and even a map that features Starfield gameplay. Recently, a player recreated a popular town from the Pokemon Red and Blue games and reimagined it in the look and feel of Far Cry 5.

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Reddit user mojoswoptops2020 shared a screenshot of their recreation of Pallet Town in Far Cry 5’s Arcade. This eerie version of Pallet Town is filled with abandoned homes, graffiti on the walls, broken fences, and trash scattered all over the town. This is not the creator’s first attempt at recreating Pallet Town; a previous creation of theirs is a Pallet Town which more closely resembles the original and what Pokemon fans know to be lively and saturated.

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In the comment section of this Reddit post, users expressed how they find the apocalyptic-themed Pallet Town plopped in the middle of Far Cry 5’s rural town of Hope County, Montana, to be cool and that they would like it if there was a Pokemon game with graphics that resembles Far Cry games. Some fans also wished that a mature Pokemon game existed, a sentiment that has been shared for years by many teenage and adult Pokemon fans.

Although Far Cry 6 received lots of praise from fans for its campaign and story, Far Cry 5 will likely continue to be a game many players will come back to sink hours into thanks to the map-editor mode that is unavailable in its latest release. Far Cry 5’s creative director, Dan Hay, spoke about its campaign and map editor during its release. Although the campaign lasts around 25 hours, he stated how many players would surprisingly spend a few hours just hunting or fishing. There are many activities in its open-world that will keep players engaged and may still be worth picking up for an experience unique to Far Cry 5.

Far Cry 5 is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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