Pokemon Fan Reimagines Deoxys as an Electric Type


  • Deoxys, a Mythical Pokemon, has been reimagined by a talented fan as a Psychic/Electric-type with a new design and lore.
  • The artist’s creation, called Deoxys Perfect Form, features a sleeker body and incorporates the concept of a “God Stone” that transforms Deoxys into an unstoppable form.
  • The fan art showcases the artist’s creativity in combining the original idea of Deoxys with a fresh twist, appealing to Pokemon fans’ curiosity.

A talented Pokemon fan has reimagined Deoxys as a Psychic/Electric-type, giving the Mythical Pokemon a new design with original lore. The Pokemon franchise has over a thousand pocket monsters, each with its story and importance in the series’ universe. Among these most prominent Pokemon are the Mythical Pokemon, a group as select as the Legendary Pokemon.

Mythical Pokemon are seen so rarely in the Pokemon world that people question their existence. One of the representatives of this group is Deoxys, a Psychic-type Pokemon introduced in Gen 3. Deoxys is a highly versatile Pokemon formed by the mutation of a virus from space. As a result, Deoxys has a red body with red and blue tentacles that change based on interaction with certain meteorites. Because of this, Deoxys doesn’t have a specific appearance. Instead, the Pokemon has four forms – Normal, Attack, Defense, and Speed. Deoxys has appeared in Gen 3 to 6 and in the remakes of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, as well as starring in the movie Pokemon: Destiny Deoxys.

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Reddit user JJonnie reimagined Deoxys as a Psychic/Electric-type Pokemon with a stylish design. Named Deoxys Perfect Form, the design created by the artist has a slimmer body, reminiscent of the Attack and Speed Forms. The Pokemon’s legs and torso are black, while its knees have yellow protectors, the same color as the crystal on its chest. The Pokemon’s arms have different designs, and while one arm is similar to that of Normal Forme, the other reproduces the DNA structure. The artist’s inspiration for creating Deoxys Perfect Form is the concept of a “God Stone” which Deoxys finds and turns into an unstoppable form. Because of its versatility, Deoxys inspires equally creative fan art, giving Pokemon new looks based on the DNA/genome concept.

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As well as creating an eye-catching design, JJonnie has created lore for Deoxys Perfect Form, just like the artist did for the fan art that turned Kyogre into a Psychic-type Pokemon. According to the fan Pokedex entry, this Deoxys has stats so impressive that they rival Arceus, the Pokemon credited with creating the universe. Its ability is D – Radiation, which this Deoxys uses to emit electromagnetic waves to change the target’s DNA, a level of power that lives up to its category of “Universal Threat.” The artist also created a shiny Deoxys Perfect Form that inverts the colors of the Pokemon’s knees, torso, and arms.

The idea of “Fakemon” often inspires impressive fan art from Pokemon fans, and the same is true of the Deoxys created by JJonnie. Combining simple and creative concepts with a Thanos-esque twist, the artist has created a new form that maintains the original idea, while presenting something new to pique the curiosity of the Pokemonfan.

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