Pokemon Fusion Art Combines Ho-Oh and Rotom


  • An artist created a unique Pokemon fusion art piece that combines Ho-Oh and Rotom, resulting in a creature named Roh.
  • The artwork has received positive feedback on Reddit, with fans praising the artist’s style and suggesting alternate names for the fusion.
  • The Pokemon fusion trend has gained popularity among fans, with many artists showcasing their creativity by combining different pocket monsters.

An artist made a piece of Pokemon art that fuses Ho-Oh and Rotom into one original creature. Gamers have created a genre of artwork that focuses on mixing various pocket monsters together into new and imaginative critters featuring aspects of both. Pokemon fusion art is popular with the franchise’s community and has resulted in interesting combinations that many would not expect to see.

The Pokemon Ho-Oh and Rotom have both been prominent pocket monsters in the series. Ho-Oh is the game mascot of Pokemon Gold and was featured in the anime as one of the first creatures that Ash sees at the start of his journey. Rotom has been featured in many of the latest entries in the franchise because it is commonly used to power electronics such as the Pokedex and cell phones of players. Both Pokemon caught the eye of an artist who decided to mix the two and create something unique for fans of the series to enjoy.

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A Reddit user named danielmu_gf created a piece of Pokemon artwork that imagines what Ho-Oh and Rotom would look like if they were fused together. The resulting creature keeps the body shape of Ho-Oh, but its wings and body colors follow what is seen on Rotom. The pocket monster was named Roh by its creator and was made an Electric/Flying-Type. The piece brings the Pokemon together quite well and is a very successful mixture of the two.

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Danielmu_gf’s artwork featuring Ho-Oh and Rotom is close to receiving 2,000 upvotes, showing that the piece does have a good number of fans. One commenter stated that the art looks amazing and that they would love to see more in danielmu_gf’s style. A number of gamers came up with alternate names for the fusion, with examples including Roh-Toh, Ho-Tom, and Ro-Oh. Many Redditors have said that the combination looks great, including one who said they would put the Pokemon on their team.

Danielmu_gf is one of many artists who have made art fusing together pocket monsters. Many others have made works that combine Pokemon, resulting in a number of creative pieces that continue to impress the series’ fandom. The trend has even led to a fan-made game that centers around fusing the various critters that have appeared in Game Freak’s franchise. Lovers of the Pokemon games have shown that they are passionate about combining their favorite creatures together, and have displayed a great amount of creativity when doing so. As more artists continue to fuse their favorite pocket monsters together, there will surely be more impressive creations that can be enjoyed by all.

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