Pokemon GO Player Defeats One of the Hardest Leaders With Just One Pokemon

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  • Pokemon GO Player Beats Sierra With a Single Pokemon
  • Why Xurkitree?


  • A Pokemon GO player successfully defeated Sierra, one of the game’s hardest Team Rocket Leaders, using only Xurkitree.
  • Xurkitree’s effectiveness in the battle was due to its knowledge of high-damage moves like Discharge and Dazzling Gleam, as well as its type advantage against Sierra’s Pokemon.
  • Xurkitree is a rare Electric-type Pokemon that was introduced in Pokemon GO Fest 2022 and is highly sought after by trainers.

A Pokemon GO player defeated Sierra using just Xurkitree. Pokemon GO trainers can test their party’s strength in different ways, whether it’s battling in Raids, against other players, or taking on Team Rocket.

Team Rocket is known in the Pokemon world for pursuing evil and exploiting Pokemon. In Pokemon GO, specifically, Team Rocket aims to invade PokeStops and steal their resources. Pokemon GO players saw the villains for the first time in 2019, and since then Team Rocket has become part of the game’s experience. To find Team Rocket in Pokemon GO, players must be at level 8, when they will see PokeStops invaded by the criminal organization. They can also find Team Rocket balloons and Shadow Raids on the game map. Beating a Team Rocket Grunt can be challenging, but one brave trainer fought one of Pokemon GO‘s Team Rocket Leaders and won with a single pocket monster.

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Pokemon GO Player Beats Sierra With a Single Pokemon

On TikTok, user cmillan1 shared a video where they beat Sierra using only Xurkitree. The player’s strategy is to use Discharge and Dazzling Gleam, two high-damage moves, power up the charged attacks, and use them immediately afterward. This way they can break through the shields and defeat Sableye, Gardevoir, and Kingdra, while Xurkitree remains alive with just a sliver of health. For defeating Sierra the player receives 1000 Stardust, four Revives, two Max revives, and an encounter with a Shadow Sableye. Sierra is known as one of Pokemon GO‘s hardest Leaders, terrifying players by having Pokemon of various types with few common weaknesses.

Why Xurkitree?

Xurkitree regularly appears as one of the best counters for Sierra in Pokemon GO. In cmillan1’s battle against Team Rocket Leader, the Pokemon shines for knowing Dazzling Gleam, a Fairy-type move that is super effective against Shadow Sableye, a Dark/Ghost-type Pokemon. While Discharge is an Electric-type move that isn’t effective against any Sierra’s critters, it deals enough damage to break through Shadow Gardevoir’s barriers and knock it out. Kingdra is the last to come out, and being a Water/Dragon-type Pokemon, it has Fairy-type moves as its main weakness, increasing Xurkitree’s effectiveness in battle.

Pokemon GO players saw Xurkitree debut as a Special Research reward at Pokemon GO Fest 2022 and in Raids at Pokemon GO Fest 2022 Finale. In Niantic’s game, the Pokemon knows Discharge, Thunder, Power Whip, and Dazzling Gleam as Charge Attacks. As well as being part of the Ultra Beasts, Xurkitree is one of the best Electric-types found in Pokemon GO, along with others like Mega Ampharos and Mega Manectric. This Pokemon is significantly rare, as players wait for a rerun of the Ultra Beasts. Despite this, trainers won’t run out of new monsters to add to their records, as Pokemon GO will add new Gen 9 Pokemon in an upcoming event.

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