Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Player Finds Bizarre Floating Bag


  • A Pokemon Scarlet and Violet player encountered a strange bug causing a surprisingly sturdy bag to appear out of thin air before floating off, adding to the list of strange glitches in the games.
  • The issue was possibly caused by one of the recent Pokemon Scarlet and Violet updates.
  • Despite their buggy launch, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet achieved historic success, selling over 22 million copies to date.

One Pokemon Scarlet and Violet player came across a rather bizarre bug that made a bag spawn out of thin air before floating off into the distance. The footage of their odd encounter later made the rounds on social media, delivering yet another item for the ever-growing list of utterly weird Pokemon Scarlet and Violet bugs.

November 18 will mark the first-year anniversary of the latest mainline Pokemon games hitting the market. The RPG duo had a fairly troubled launch that was mired in performance issues and a variety of glitches. None of that prevented Pokemon Scarlet and Violet from achieving astonishing success, as the games took just three days to hit 10 million in combined sales, thus becoming the fastest-selling titles on any Nintendo console ever within that time frame. As of August 2023, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet sold well over 22 million units.

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And while Game Freak managed to fix a lot of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet bugs over the past year, new issues continue to pop up. But not all of them are detrimental to the overall gameplay experience, as Reddit user eportice can attest. Namely, during their recent Paldea adventures, this player stumbled upon a curious light-purple bag that seemingly appeared out of thin air. The glitch wasn’t just visual in nature, as evidenced by the footage of the encounter that shows eportice’s character being unable to run through the object, indicating that the game spawned the bag with full collision physics.

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The player stopped moving after realizing that they can neither push nor run through the spontaneously materialized item, only to subsequently witness the bag float up along the slope of a nearby cliff. Taking to Reddit, eportice cheekily asked whether they had just observed a new regional Pokemon variant.

Hundreds of other players later voted to send their unusual encounter to the front page of the r/PokemonScarletViolet subreddit. Many of the fans reacting to the clip did so by expressing amusement at the surprisingly sturdy floating bag, while several others used the video as an opportunity to argue that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are still way too buggy even a year into their release.

The Floating Bag Bug Is Possibly Caused by One of the Recent Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Updates

What actually led to this strange encounter is unclear. While the video starts with the player dismounting the Pokemon Violet-exclusive Miraidon, the clip doesn’t explicitly show the bag spawning at that exact moment, leaving open the possibility that the object appeared beforehand. But with this being the first known footage of this particular bug to emerge online since late 2022, it’s plausible that the bizarre floating bag issue is caused by one of the recent updates for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, the latest one of which rolled out in mid-September.

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