Red Dead Redemption Players on Xbox Want Feature That’s Only Available on PS5


  • Xbox players express frustration over the lack of a 60FPS patch for Red Dead Redemption, while the feature is available on PlayStation 5.
  • Rockstar’s decision to port the game to PS4 and Switch without significant improvements disappoints fans hoping for a remaster.
  • The absence of the 60FPS option for Xbox players is likely due to the game already being accessible through Xbox 360 backwards compatibility, limiting the profit motive for Rockstar.

Red Dead Redemption players on Xbox are expressing their desire for a 60FPS patch to the game. This feature is currently exclusive to PlayStation 5 and arrived as part of a surprise update to the Red Dead Redemption PS4 port.

In recent years, rumors swirled about a potential remaster of Red Dead Redemption for modern consoles, with some even hoping that the original game would be remade with the graphics and scope of Red Dead Redemption 2. However, hopes for this remake were dashed when Rockstar announced that it would instead be porting Red Dead Redemption to the PS4 and Nintendo Switch, with little improvements or changes, although the PS4 version recently received a patch for 60FPS, available to those playing on a PS5.

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This option for 60FPS is absent for Xbox players, and some have taken to Reddit to question the omission. These players are voicing their frustration and disappointment about the missing feature, with many taking the opportunity to criticize Rockstar’s handling of the Red Dead Redemption IP. At the time of writing, Rockstar has not commented on the possibility of a 60FPS patch making its way to Red Dead Redemption on Xbox consoles.

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The upscaled Red Dead Redemption ports are only available for the Nintendo Switch and PS4 (playable on PS5 with backwards compatibility), which is why this 60FPS patch is missing on Xbox Series X|S. Xbox players have been able to access Red Dead Redemption via Xbox 360 backwards compatibility, which is most likely why Rockstar chose not to release these ports on Xbox consoles. As certain players have pointed out, there is little to no profit motive behind Rockstar offering a 60FPS option for Xbox Series X|S players, even if it were technically feasible, as Xbox players wouldn’t be purchasing a new edition of the game.

Criticism of Rockstar from the gaming community is nothing new, as many players have questioned the company’s recent decisions. However, if the Red Dead Redemption port’s PSN ranking is anything to go off, it seems like the launch has been mostly successful for the company, and the 60FPS update for PS4 owners has helped satisfy fans looking for an experience more in line with contemporary gaming standards.

Red Dead Redemption is out now for PS3, PS4, Switch, and Xbox 360.

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