Redfall Gets Major Update That Adds Long-Requested Feature


  • Bethesda releases an update for Redfall that adds a 60 frames per second option, addresses glitches, and improves combat and performance.
  • The game’s initial broken release led to negative reviews and many players abandoning it, causing a decline in player count.
  • Although the update is a substantial improvement, it remains uncertain if it will reignite interest and bring back lapsed players or if the damage has already been done.

Bethesda has released a new update for vampire co-op shooter Redfall that adds the long-awaited 60 frames per second option to the game. Prior to its release, there was a decent amount of hype behind Redfall, and for good reason. The game was developed by Arkane Austin and was a first-party Xbox game, after all. Unfortunately, Redfall released in a largely broken state, leading to widespread negative reviews and many fans abandoning the game entirely.

Redfall had a decent player count to start, but players left the game in droves when its technical shortcomings became apparent. So many people have stopped playing the game, that Redfall‘s concurrent player count on Steam was in the single digits just recently. It remains to be seen if anything can convince fans to give it another chance, but Bethesda and Arkane are not giving up on the game. Redfall‘s second major update is available to download now, and it makes a number of important improvements to the game.

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The latest Redfall update adds 60 FPS to the game, addressing a major complaint that fans had about the initial release. The update also tackles many of the Redfall glitches and other technical problems that have plagued it since launch, plus adds stealth takedowns and makes various other improvements to combat, like increasing the number of enemies in the open world. On paper, this seems like a truly substantial update for Redfall, but again, the jury is still out on whether it will be able to bring back lapsed players or not.

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Bethesda has said that it is not giving up on Redfall, and this update is certainly evidence of that, but for many, the damage may have already been done. Redfall‘s launch state was egregiously poor, and with this update coming out at a time when there are so many other games to play, it’s hard to say if it will be enough to give the co-op vampire shooter game the shot in the arm it needs to gain back some relevance. If this update does convince players to give Redfall a second chance, perhaps more substantial content drops could potentially be developed to extend the game’s life further, but fans shouldn’t hold their breath.

While it remains to be seen if Redfall will be able to make a comeback, Arkane fans can look forward to new titles from the studio. Arkane has yet to officially announce its next project, but leaks suggest that Dishonored 3 is in active development. Arkane has had consistent success with the Dishonored franchise, so it may just be what the studio needs to win back the trust of disgruntled fans.

Redfall Update Patch Notes


  • Enabled Performance Mode on Xbox Series X|S.
  • Improved PC performance and stability across a wide range of hardware configuration
  • Addressed several edge-case memory crashes.
  • Addressed graphical corruption issue with changing resolution with AMD GPUs.
  • Fixed an issue with resetting Game Settings to their default values while in Windowed display on a second monitor.
  • The anti-aliasing setting is now hidden in Video Settings while AMD FSR 2.1 upscaling is enabled.
  • Various performance improvements made to Hero abilities, weapons, and general game systems.
  • Various fixes to support Hero abilities triggering properly despite environmental factors like ladders, death mist, electrocution, and more.
  • Improvements to player navigation and collision across both Redfall Commons and Burial Point.
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  • Weapons with silencers, or silenced muzzle attachments, now reflect their “silent” state in tooltips.
    • Silenced weapons generate less noise, and are less likely to alert nearby enemies.
  • Vault and Mantle indicators now display in the HUD when a surface can be vaulted over, or mantled.
  • The Mission Briefing Table now better delineates between Main Missions and Optional Missions.
  • Functional improvements to compass markers and objective search areas to behave more consistently.
  • Historical Markers now display on the Map in their locked state once players complete the introductory missions in Redfall Commons and Burial Point.
  • Improved the readability of ammo purchasing.
  • Added an off-screen indicator when Bribón is downed.
  • Fixed an issue where objective search areas were blocking fast travel actions while using the Map.
  • The Text-to-Speech hotkey now displays at all times when active.
  • Player reporting now shows a loading indicator when submitting.
  • Clarified the achievement description for Rum Runner.


  • Improvements to Screen Narration:
    • Narration updates when a Multiplayer Lobby state changes between Ready and Unready.
    • Support when the text entry field is open. Narration updates every seven seconds if the field remains open.
    • Narrates “Back” and “Friends” menu controls on all pages of the Settings menu.
    • Support within the Username input field for the “Add Crossplay Friends” sub-menu.
    • Fixed an issue where players would be prompted to “Press Enter” when focused on the Username input field in the “Add Friends” sub-menu.
    • Support for navigation control in Hero Select and System Select menus.
    • Narrates game invites and friend request notifications.
    • When selecting a locked difficulty, the screen describes the difficulty type as “Locked”.
    • When selecting an unlocked difficulty, the screen narrator will narrate “Difficulty Selected”.
    • Main Menu’s System tooltip displays “System” only, and will narrate “System” in both Main and System menus.
    • Hover support for all buttons and links, both digital and analog inputs.
    • Narration support when pings are placed or removed from the world.
      • Fixed several issues with screen narration in Bethesda.Net modals:
      • Removed incorrect prompt to “Press Enter” to input email address, username, and/or password when logging in.
      • account Help menu now supports proper narration.
      • Narration Support in the Bethesda.Net Updated Agreement.
  • Exiting a Multiplayer Lobby now properly reads “Close”, instead of “Quit” or “Leave Lobby” when the Friends List is open.
  • Lobby labeling now visually and audibly differentiates between Singleplayer and Multiplayer.
    • Added a secondary sensory method in the Archive to indicate focus on the scroll bar.
  • Improved photosensitivity work in the following areas:
    • Firing the Clacker Unrivaled weapon in ADS near a red emergency light.
    • Flashing environment light bloom caused by weapon fire.
    • Vampire death and disintegration.
    • Remi’s Cluster Bomb C4 explosions detonating in rapid succession.
    • Summoning Layla’s Lift with other players standing nearby.
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  • Numerous improvements to default Aim-Assist and Dead Zone tuning, and more options for players to customize these settings for both Controller and Keyboard/Mouse.
    • Arkane Recommendations:
      • For fast paced multiplayer FPS fans – Check out Medium, High, or Linear Input Response Presets as they tend to feel faster and more responsive overall.
      • For slower single player FPS fans – Check out Default, Low, or Medium Input Response Presets as the slower response curves tend to feel like you have a little more precision over your aim.
    • Increasing/decreasing your Controller Sensitivity from the Input Response Presets default value will directly increase/decrease your overall left/right turning speeds.
    • For players who turn up their Controller Sensitivity, consider trying out Default/Strong/Very Strong Aim Assist Strength and ADS Snap Strength if you would like that assistance.
    • For players who turn down their Controller Sensitivity, try Very Weak/Weak/Default Aim Assist Strength and ADS Snap Strength presets to prevent it from feeling like you are fighting for control over your aim.
    • Tinkering with the Input Response Preset setting is a great first step to help you find the controller settings that work best for you.
  • During the Settling In mission, Anna Creelman will now fill the player’s pistol, shotgun, and assault rifle ammunition.
  • Added new Vampire Nest spawns to Old Town and Sedgewick neighborhoods.
  • Added a tutorial blade and Archive entry for Psychic Residue.
  • Remi’s C4 no longer remains in the world after exploding.
  • Various fixes for mission objective persistence.
  • Added mission dialogue for Fall Like Lightning.


  • Players can now sneak up and take down unaware Cultists & Bellwether enemies with staked weapons.
  • Increased open world enemy population and mission encounter balancing.
  • Added unique open world enemy encounters in Redfall Commons.
  • Added elements of light or reflective clothing to vampire and human NPCs to aid in visibility during the night.
  • Increased ammo pickups in areas surrounding the Fire Station to help new players maintain early-game resources.
  • Enemies now reposition to avoid friendly fire.
  • Bribón is now guaranteed to shock nearby enemies while using Siren with the Robot Rock skill activated.
  • Remi will now be alerted when–and where–Bribón is downed.
  • Fixed several scenarios where enemies could become stuck in an idle state and stop engaging with the player.
  • Sights and silencer barrels have been updated to improve reticle visibility.
  • Sights using a green emissive have been tuned so they aren’t as bright at night.
  • Scale and positioning of magazines has been improved to prevent clipping and other animation issues.
  • Improved Rook combat behavior in the Black Sun boss arena.


  • References to the Burial Point district have been added into the Map, and other locations in the Redfall Commons district.
  • Improved the lighting presentation in the Black Sun boss arena.
  • Improved visual fidelity for psychic space butterflies, fog pockets, the Black Sun’s glowing sigil, and various water effects.


  • Added visually distinct player indicators and markers for Multiplayer sessions, and unique co-op ping color for each player in the squad.
  • Improved player ping visibility.
  • The Light’s Out achievement will now be awarded in multiplayer only if the Lost in the Fog mission is active.

Redfall is available now for PC and Xbox Series X.

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