Rumor: Another Potential Switch 2 Game Has Leaked


  • Rumors suggest that the next Monster Hunter game could be released on the Nintendo Switch 2, adding to the list of planned games for the new platform.
  • The Monster Hunter franchise has a history of being released on Nintendo platforms, and the popularity of the series on Nintendo consoles makes a release on the Switch 2 logical.
  • While no specific details were given, there are implications that the Monster Hunter game for the Switch 2 could be a multiplatform release, potentially even Monster Hunter World 2.

The next iteration of Capcom’s incredibly popular Monster Hunter franchise could be planned for release on the Nintendo Switch 2, according to a leaker. Rumors are swirling regarding the Nintendo Switch 2’s tentative launch window and what games are planned for the platform. One name that’s newly added to the list of planned games for the Nintendo Switch 2 is a new title in the Monster Hunter franchise. Without more information, it’s difficult to say how big of a surprise the next Monster Hunter landing on the Nintendo Switch 2 really is, though.

Part of what makes the situation surprisingly complicated is that the Monster Hunter franchise has a long history of being released on Nintendo platforms. Monster Hunter Tri and Monster Hunter 4 were both initially released exclusively on Nintendo platforms. Monster Hunter World broke that trend in 2018, finding success on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Yet Capcom ended up going back to the Nintendo Switch for Monster Hunter Rise.

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If the latest leak is true, Monster Hunter could be returning to Nintendo platforms sooner rather than later. According to leaker necrolipe, a poster on the Nintendo-focused Famiboards message board, the “next mainline Monster Hunter” will be released on the currently unannounced successor to the Nintendo Switch. The leaker has previously shared information about Nintendo that’s proven accurate.

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While no further information was explicitly stated by necrolipe, the Nintendo insider did provide some broad context for their leak. They say that ignoring any potential insider information, a Monster Hunter release on Nintendo Switch 2 is logical. They mention that Capcom has already done the work to make its RE Engine scalable for the Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Switch 2, however powerful it may be, should make porting games to the platform that much easier. Then, when also considering the popularity of Monster Hunter on Nintendo platforms, it just makes sense.

The implication of what necrolipe is saying is that the Monster Hunter project currently planned for the Nintendo Switch 2 is not just another Nintendo exclusive. The mention of scalability implies that this would be a multiplatform Monster Hunter game, perhaps even Monster Hunter World 2. This isn’t part of the leak, however, and necrolipe may not actually know any details about the game itself.

An announcement for the next major Monster Hunter project from Capcom has been highly anticipated for some time. That announcement, much like the announcement of the Nintendo Switch successor hardware, has yet to be made. When those announcements will be made is unclear. They could happen before the end of the year, perhaps even at The Game Awards 2023. 2024 seems like a more likely window for those announcements, however. When the new Monster Hunter and Nintendo Switch hardware will launch is an even bigger mystery.

A new Monster Hunter is rumored to be in development.

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Source: Famiboards

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