Rumor: Leaked Xbox Controller Could Be Officially Revealed This Year


  • The leaked Sebile Xbox controller, which aims to provide a similar experience to PlayStation DualSense, may be revealed in May 2024.
  • The leaked court document revealed key features of the Sebile controller, including precision haptic feedback, but did not mention adaptive triggers.
  • It is important to note that the leaked document is several years old and none of the details regarding the Sebile controller have been officially confirmed by Xbox.

Details about a potential reveal window for the leaked Xbox controller codenamed “Sebile” have been given additional substance by an industry insider. The Sebile controller was just one part of a larger court document that leaked during Xbox’s battle with the FTC over the $69 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard, which has since been finalized in Xbox’s favor. A cylinder-shaped disc-less Xbox Series X and several years of Bethesda’s development plans also appeared in the leaked document.

Xbox’s unconfirmed Sebile controller had a dedicated visual graphic within the leaked court document, highlighting a number of the device’s key features. Perhaps most notable is the inclusion of precision haptic feedback, aided by the utilization of an accelerometer. With this, it seems Sebile is attempting to provide Xbox users with a similar controller experience to that of its rival PlayStation DualSense, which launched with the PS5 back in 2020. However, the Sebile graphic didn’t include plans to incorporate adaptive triggers, one of the most appreciated features of the PS5’s DualSense.

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The black outline of an Xbox controller with a white question mark in the center, amid a green space-like background.Related

Old-School Xbox Controller Making A Comeback

A classic-style Xbox controller from Microsoft’s very first gaming system is coming back for modern hardware thanks to a noted accessory maker.

Several months after the leak containing Xbox’s Sebile controller plans hit the internet, an industry insider has shared when they expect the controller to be revealed. On Twitter, Idle Sloth pointed to a clip from a recent Xbox Era podcast episode where Tom Warren of The Verge chimed into the chat expressing that he suspects Sebile’s alleged May 2024 reveal window from the document to be real. Warren also indicated that the information contained in the leaked Xbox v FTC document graphic about the controller’s key features remains unchanged.

Rumored Xbox Series X|S Controller Reveal Month

  • May 2024

A Sebile reveal in May would join the release of Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 in the same month and would land just ahead of Xbox’s expected June 2024 Summer Game Fest showcase. Even though Tom Warren has expressed that Sebile’s features from the leak haven’t been changed, it’s still possible that some features may have been cut or added, considering the document is several years old. It’s important to remember that the graphics in the document were never meant to be seen by the public and that none of the details regarding the Sebile controller have been officially confirmed by Xbox, including the alleged May reveal. Whether adaptive triggers have been added to Sebile remains to be seen, as it would be one of the more glaring omissions when inevitably compared to the PS5’s three-year-old DualSense.

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If the May reveal does turn out to be true, Xbox fans may be getting their hands on the new Sebile controller in time for big Xbox games like Indiana Jones and the Great Circle and Avowed, which are both looking to release later on in 2024. It would also be interesting to see if any news about the rumored Elite edition of the Xbox controller is revealed as well, or if it’ll be held for Holiday or 2025.


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