Rumor: New God of War Already in the Works


  • Sony’s Santa Monica Studio is working on a new God of War project, potentially a standalone game or Ragnarok DLC.
  • Despite rumors of Ragnarok DLC, Santa Monica Studio doesn’t have much of a history of post-launch content, but may break tradition to maintain release pace.
  • If a new God of War game is being developed, it is unlikely to be announced before late 2024 due to production schedules.

Sony’s Santa Monica Studio is working on a new God of War project, according to a well-known leaker. Even though their claim inspires hope that the next God of War game could already be in the pipeline, that’s not the only possibility raised by this rumor.

The latest installment in the long-running series launched in November 2022, managing to meet the high expectations set by its equally renowned 2018 predecessor. And while Santa Monica Studio has yet to officially announce what’s next on its plate, the God of War developer already started hiring for a new unannounced title even before Ragnarok released.

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Even if that mysterious game isn’t a follow-up on Ragnarok, the company is definitely working on something God of War-related right now, according to known leaker ViewerAnon. Taking to Twitter, the insider recently said how they aren’t certain if the project in question is a standalone game, noting that a God of War Ragnarok DLC is also on the cards. Should the undertaking yield a full-fledged game, the leaker appears to be convinced that Santa Monica Studio would deliver a “half-sequel” of sorts that would be mechanically similar to Ragnarok, which was itself heavily based on the 2018 God of War.

While Ragnarok DLC rumors have been circulating online for a while now, the likelihood of them amounting to anything remains somewhat dubious, not least because Santa Monica Studio doesn’t have a substantial record of developing post-launch content. ViewerAnon suggested how the company might still break with that tradition in order to maintain its current release pace in spite of the fact that contemporary AAA game development cycles continue to grow longer.

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But if another God of War game is indeed in the works, such a title is unlikely to be announced before late 2024, at the earliest, even if Santa Monica Studio is once again aiming for a four-year production run. As a reminder, Ragnarok was first unveiled in September 2020 with a 2021 release window, before being pushed back to late 2022. The 2018 God of War reboot had a similar two-year gap between its announcement and market debut.

According to LinkedIn data, Santa Monica Studio currently has around 400 employees, which is a big enough workforce for tackling one modern AAA game or several smaller ones, not accounting for any pre-production efforts. The developer reportedly already started another large-scale project in 2022, which some fans are hoping will yield a standalone God of War game starring Atreus.

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