RUMOR: What If Season 2 Episode Titles Hint At Surprising New Avengers Foe


  • The leaked episode titles for What If…? season 2 suggest that it will continue to offer twisted wish fulfillment storylines, just like the first season.
  • The titles provide hints at intriguing premises, such as Peter Quill attacking Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and Kahhori reshaping the world, generating speculation and anticipation among fans.
  • With episodes featuring Hela finding the Ten Rings, Happy Hogan saving Christmas, and the return of Captain Carter, What If…? season 2 promises to be an entertaining and comforting show for Marvel fans.

Marvel Studios’ What If…? season 2 is seemingly gearing up for the same kind of twisted wish fulfillment the first batch of episodes offered for viewers. A potentially leaked list of episode titles for the upcoming season may have revealed some troubling developments for the heroes in this arguably eminent superhero franchise.

What If…? spent its first season posing various iterations of alternate Marvel stories based on that titular question. Through the lens of the practically all-seeing Watcher character, it offered glimpses into parallel timelines where a single decision spun off familiar tales into something entirely new. This included premises like Peggy Carter taking the super soldier serum instead of Steve Rogers, the late Chadwick Boseman’s final performance as T’Challa becoming the lovable space rogue Star-Lord (a personal favorite for some), and even an always-relevant zombie apocalypse. If this leak is accurate, it looks like What If…? season 2 is following that same trend, and it will include some equally intriguing ideas.

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Prominent and well-regarded industry scooper CanWeGetSomeToast has leaked what may be the official episode titles for What If…? season 2 on their Twitter account. Following trends from the first season, the titles seem to lay out an unambiguous statement of each episode’s premise. This includes a notable (but comparatively tame, next to some of the others) idea of The Guardians of the Galaxy‘s Peter Quill taking on the Avengers in the episode “What If… Peter Quill Attacked Earth’s Mightiest Heroes?” What might inspire this bit of infighting?

The potentially leaked episode titles are as follows:

Episode 201: What If… Nebula Joined the Nova Corps?

Episode 202: What If… Peter Quill Attacked Earth’s Mightiest Heroes?

Episode 203: What If… Kahhori Reshaped the World?

Episode 204: What If… Hela found the Ten Rings?

Episode 205: What If… lron Man Crashed into the Grandmaster?

Episode 206: What If… Happy Hogan Saved Christmas?

Episode 208: What If… Captain Carter Fought the Hydra Stomper?

Episode 209: What If… The Avengers Assembled in 1602?

Episode 210: What If… Strange Supreme Intervened?

Well, it’s not difficult to see the brash and impulsive Peter finding some reason to situate his underdog self against the heroes. What If…? season 1 even fixed one of Peter’s biggest mistakes. But many of the other leaked episode titles arguably warrant more speculation. For one, the episode “What If… Hela found the Ten Rings?” raises some questions. How would she find them? What would happen to Shang-Chi without that legendary artifact? Did the writers throw darts at a wall and write a story around it?

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Perhaps the most intriguing is “What If… Kahhori Reshaped the World?” This story was already teased a while back and probably wasn’t on anybody’s predictions for What If…? season 2. Kahhori is an entirely new character created for the series. As a young Native American Mohawk woman, she discovers the Tesseract after it falls to Earth in the sovereign Haudenosaunee Confederacy before America is found by colonizers. The episode was revealed back in March by Marvel, and it will be entirely in the Mohawk language with the help of the Mohawk people themselves.

It’s already a wide variety of subjects, even just among 3 episodes, and this is assuming they’re accurate since this information hasn’t been verified by any official sources (aside from the Kahhori episode’s premise). That’s not even to mention “What If… Happy Hogan Saved Christmas?” Between that delightful concept, Kahhori’s story, and another featuring the return of the fan-favorite Captain Carter, it seems What If…? season 2 will continue the show’s run as a perfect comfort series for Marvel fans.

What If…? season 1 is available to stream on Disney Plus, with season 2 potentially set to release in December 2023.

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Source: CanWeGetSomeToast/Twitter, Marvel

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