Shroud Has Grim Prediction for the Future of Counter-Strike With the Release of CS2


  • Counter-Strike 2 has generated both excitement and concern within the gaming community, with Twitch streamer Shroud expressing his worries about the game’s future.
  • Despite being over a decade old, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive continues to break player records, and the announcement of Counter-Strike 2 resulted in a surge in its player count.
  • Shroud’s concerns about Counter-Strike 2 include the removal of the smoke effect and his belief that the game might lead to the decline and “death” of Counter-Strike. However, his teammates disagreed with him.

With the recent release of Counter-Strike 2 (CS2), the gaming community has been buzzing with both excitement and trepidation. Among those offering their insights on the new version is well-known Twitch streamer Shroud, who has recently expressed some concerns about the game’s future.

Launched in 2012 and powered by the Source engine, CS:GO has firmly established itself as a cornerstone of the FPS genre. Its allure lies in its fast-paced action, strategic depth, and fiercely competitive multiplayer experience. Throughout its lifespan, the game has undergone a series of updates and enhancements, encompassing alterations to weapon balance, map designs, and the matchmaking system. Remarkably, despite being over a decade old, CS:GO consistently shatters its peak player records. When news broke about Counter-Strike 2, an enhanced rendition of CS:GO running on Valve’s Source 2 engine (a significant leap from the nearly two-decade-old Source engine), Counter-Strike: Global Offensive once again witnessed a surge in its player count.

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On the very day of Counter-Strike 2‘s launch, it drew in a staggering 1.3 million players, an impressive feat in itself. However, it seems that the game failed to impress Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek, a former professional CS:GO player. During a recent stream, he voiced his concerns about the smoke effect in Counter-Strike 2, suggesting that it should be removed from the game. Shroud went on to share a more significant concern, stating that he believes Counter-Strike might eventually decline and even “die” with the arrival of this new game. His teammates, however, held a differing viewpoint, accusing him of excessive negativity, but Shroud remained resolute in his stance.

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Only time will reveal whether Shroud’s prediction will come to pass. Nevertheless, the launch strategy for Counter-Strike 2 has faced significant criticism, primarily due to the absence of key features such as Steam Workshop maps and community-created content. Regrettably, these elements are unlikely to make a return due to fundamental engine differences.

Moreover, the unexpected removal of all Counter-Strike: Global Offensive achievements has disappointed several players, especially those who had diligently collected them. The 167 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive achievements have been supplanted by a singular Counter-Strike 2 achievement titled “A New Beginning.” On the security front, players have expressed concerns regarding potential hacking and cheating. However, it’s worth noting that any bans from CS:GO will persist in Counter-Strike 2. Additionally, Valve has rolled out a new anti-cheat mechanism, VAC Live, which promises to be notably more robust than its predecessor, Valve Anti Cheat.

Counter-Strike 2 is now available on PC.

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