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Shroud Has Grim Prediction for the Future of Counter-Strike With the Release of CS2


With the recent release of Counter-Strike 2 (CS2), the gaming community has been buzzing with both excitement and trepidation. Among those offering their insights on the new version is well-known Twitch streamer Shroud, who has recently expressed some concerns about the game’s future.

Launched in 2012 and powered by the Source engine, CS:GO has firmly established itself as a cornerstone of the FPS genre. Its allure lies in its fast-paced action, strategic depth, and fiercely competitive multiplayer experience. Throughout its lifespan, the game has undergone a series of updates and enhancements, encompassing alterations to weapon balance, map designs, and the matchmaking system. Remarkably, despite being over a decade old, CS:GO consistently shatters its peak player records. When news broke about Counter-Strike 2, an enhanced rendition of CS:GO running on Valve’s Source 2 engine (a significant leap from the nearly two-decade-old Source engine), Counter-Strike: Global Offensive once again witnessed a surge in its player count.

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On the very day of Counter-Strike 2‘s launch, it drew in a staggering 1.3 million players, an impressive feat in itself. However, it seems that the game failed to impress Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek, a former professional CS:GO player. During a recent stream, he voiced his concerns about the smoke effect in Counter-Strike 2, suggesting that it should be removed from the game. Shroud went on to share a more significant concern, stating that he believes Counter-Strike might eventually decline and even “die” with the arrival of this new game. His teammates, however, held a differing viewpoint, accusing him of excessive negativity, but Shroud remained resolute in his stance.

Only time will reveal whether Shroud’s prediction will come to pass. Nevertheless, the launch strategy for Counter-Strike 2 has faced significant criticism, primarily due to the absence of key features such as Steam Workshop maps and community-created content. Regrettably, these elements are unlikely to make a return due to fundamental engine differences.

Moreover, the unexpected removal of all Counter-Strike: Global Offensive achievements has disappointed several players, especially those who had diligently collected them. The 167 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive achievements have been supplanted by a singular Counter-Strike 2 achievement titled “A New Beginning.” On the security front, players have expressed concerns regarding potential hacking and cheating. However, it’s worth noting that any bans from CS:GO will persist in Counter-Strike 2. Additionally, Valve has rolled out a new anti-cheat mechanism, VAC Live, which promises to be notably more robust than its predecessor, Valve Anti Cheat.

Counter-Strike 2 is now available on PC.

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