Some Xbox Gamers Are Getting a Weird ‘What Do You Want to Do’ Message


  • Xbox owners in the Insider Program have reported a harmless bug that changes their dashboard text and UI, displaying a “What do you want to do?” message.
  • The bug only affects consoles in the Insider Program, and Microsoft is likely already aware of it. Players can report the glitch through the “Report a Problem” feature.
  • This bug is not a serious issue like the “Red Ring of Death” and should not affect gameplay or save data. Xbox players can continue enjoying their consoles without worry.

Owners of various Xbox consoles have reported a weird bug that displays a “What do you want to do?” message and alters the text and UI on their dashboards. It’s not the first time an Xbox console has dealt with a prominent bug, but thankfully, this one’s harmless.

The Xbox Series X and S are the latest consoles from Xbox. Collectively, they mark Xbox’s ninth generation gaming consoles and have sold over 21 million units as of July of this year.

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As reported by Pure Xbox, numerous players noted a bizarre message on their home screens, asking them what they would like to do, giving them the options to turn off their console or controller or restart their console. All on-screen text is also replaced by a strange, accent mark-ridden font known as pseudo-loc, which is usually a placeholder for text that hasn’t yet been translated to a player’s chosen language or region. This bug notably affects Xbox consoles across multiple generations, including the Series X and the Xbox One.

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Fortunately, this glitch should not affect anyone’s gameplay or save data. Apparently, it is only present on the consoles of players who are in the Xbox Insider Program, which allows them to test out new features and firmware updates before everyone else. The bug is the result of a new update that isn’t ready for release but is being previewed. Despite it ultimately being harmless, to combat this text glitch, Pure Xbox recommends reporting it to Microsoft through the console’s “Report a Problem” feature, although there’s a chance that it’s already aware of it.

Everyone makes mistakes, and that includes video game console manufacturers. It’s never fun for any gamer when their favorite console suffers from a glitch of any kind, as they can range from minor inconveniences like this one, to save data erasing annoyances, to even console-bricking nightmares that sometimes cannot be remedied. Thankfully, this bug is no “Red Ring of Death,” and it seems Xbox players will be able to enjoy their consoles for a bit longer, even without cleaning up the font.

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Source: Pure Xbox

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