Spider-Man 2 Update Brings Back Fan-Favorite Easter Egg From the First Game


  • Spider-Man 2’s recent update brought back the “Nelson and Murdock” sign, sparking speculation about Daredevil’s involvement in the game.
  • Insomniac’s creative director’s comments and a mysterious room have fueled rumors of Daredevil’s debut and The Hand’s involvement.
  • Fans are speculating about potential DLC for Spider-Man 2, with Daredevil being a highly desired character based on recent rumors.

A recent update for Spider-Man 2 brought back the “Nelson and Murdock” sign that was inexplicably missing when the game initially launched. The omitted names and the added notice on the door not only ranked among the best Spider-Man 2 Easter eggs but also served as a point of speculation for fans wondering what Daredevil’s alter ego was up to.

Rumors quickly began circulating that Daredevil content was surely on its way. Even Insomniac creative director Bryan Intihar has stoked the fires a bit with his comments telling fans to “stay tuned.” The rumor mill started up again when a fan posted about a mysterious room within the game that potentially serves as a Spider-Man 2 Easter egg hinting toward the debut of Daredevil and the villainous Marvel organization, The Hand. Now, it appears as though a recent update is adding yet another layer to the ongoing saga.

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A new update for Spider-Man 2 has brought back Foggy Nelson and Matt Murdock’s “Attorneys at Law” sign from the first game. Its initial omission didn’t appear to be a mistake as a notice was placed in the window, implying the two lawyers closed down shop. Still, the sign’s return is raising all sorts of questions. Not to mention, Bryan Intihar is commenting on the matter again. When IGN’s social media account posted that the plaque was once again up, Intihar cheekily replied with, “Guess they paid their rent… “

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Fans are still left questioning why the sign was gone at all. It’s hard to believe that this entire saga has been leading up to Insomniac replacing the plaque in a patch. In light of Intihar’s coy remarks, the leading theory among fans is that the marketing team plans to announce Daredevil coming to the Insomniac’s Marvel universe in some capacity, either as a standalone game or potentially DLC for Spider-Man 2. That said, until Insomniac makes an official announcement concerning the Marvel hero (if the developer ever does), this is mere speculation.

DLC hasn’t even been officially announced for Spider-Man 2, but that hasn’t stopped fans from speculating about what the story might hold and what characters could be included. Additional content wouldn’t be unexpected as the first game received several chapters of new story missions along with Marvel characters not introduced during the main campaign. Obviously, if the sequel were to receive additional content, Daredevil ranks high among the desired potential DLC characters for Spider-Man 2 given all the fanfare surrounding the recent rumors.

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